home state love (new!)

 photo homestatelovecollcopy.jpg
Our “love for Oklahoma” necklace was so popular that we are now offering every state!
We hand mold each state in bronze and adorn it with a silver heart,
hung on a sterling chain with a pearl.
Some hearts will be bigger or smaller depending on the shape and size of the state,
but they all turn out beautifully–
a great way to show your pride for your state.
Shop for them here!

customer pics

We LOVE to see customer pics-
here are some of our favorite customer pics we spotted this week!
 photo custpics2-28.jpg
1. chunky love necklace – one of our best sellers and also one of my all time favorites!
2. sweet love cuff – a bracelet we introduced recently that has quickly become one of our most popular bracelets.
3. square names with a heart necklace – a classic tvp piece that we have sold for years.
4. carefree necklace – the sweetest hand molded flying bird with a vintage turquoise patina, reminds us to be lighthearted and carefree!
We LOVE to see your pics around the web-
(twitter, instagram, Facebook)…
don’t forget to tag us @thevintagepearl or #thevintagepearl so we are sure to see them!

sugar packet sniper

With 4 kids ages 5-12, sometimes waiting can be hard—
so when we go out to eat our family likes to play a little game while waiting for our food to arrive:
we get a sugar packet for each member of the family,
then make a little dot on one of them- the person who gets this one is the “sniper”…
 photo sugarpackets.jpg
Someone mixes them all up and hands them out randomly
(each kid gets a turn to hand them out)
and then the “sniper” tries to secretly wink at everyone else, one at a time…
 photo edenwink.jpg
When you get winked out you wait a few seconds
(so you don’t blow their cover)
and then declare “I’m out”.
If the “sniper” gets everyone without being caught by someone seeing them wink they win,
otherwise the “sniper” who gets the most people out before being caught wins.
We have lots of fun,
and the wait time passes by so quickly!

a golden tie that binds (WINNERS!)

Wow, wow, wow!
We are incredibly grateful and excited about your response to this new ring!
 photo gttbring-2.jpg
I knew that WE loved it–
obviously you all do, too!
More have sold than we anticipated, so it’s briefly out of stock for a few days while we make the current orders and then get stocked back up for the next round–
they will be back very soon, I promise!

With so many comments we decided to pick 3 lucky (blessed) winners:
1. Mimi, who said: I pinned on Pinterest , but also said: We are a family of four here. My husband and I are high school sweethearts who just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Our oldest is our handsome, home-grown little man, excited to start Kindergarten this year. And our youngest is our sassy little three year old diva who we adopted from Ethiopia 2 1/2 years ago.

2. Carly Smith, who said: my family is currently separated, my hubby is heading for Afghanistan for a year next week. but my son and I are a team, have plans to take lots of trips and visit my nephews on Texas. family is what matters, who you can count on and who love you for you. thanks for this beautiful ring and giveaway

3. Amanda, who said: I have 4 amazing step kiddos and then we have a little girl that just turned 3 on ValeNtine’s Day! She keeps us laughing and binds our family together. She has a little extra magic… She was born with Down syndrome and works very hard every day to stomp stereo types into the ground. Our family of 7 couldn’t be happier!

Congrats winners, please email us your sizes and ship to addresses and we will get those made for you!

a golden tie that binds (new, plus a GIVEAWAY!)

I’m thrilled to share our newest creation,
the golden tie that binds ring:
 photo tiethatbindsringweb2.jpg
The beautiful golden tie binds our families together forever–
each sterling ring represents a member of your family.
 photo tiethatbindsring.jpg
So simple,
yet so unique and meaningful.

Today we are giving one of these new rings away!
Simply tell us below something fun about your family to enter.
Facebook, instagram and/or tweet about the ring for extra entries
(leave a separate comment for each,
be sure to tag us #thevintagepearl or @thevintagepearl).

customer pics

We LOVE seeing customer pics of their pieces pop up in social media,
here are a few of our latest favorites:
 photo custpic.jpg
1. the coordinates of your heart necklace- we handstamp the coordinates of a meaningful place– we use longitude and latitude to pinpoint the place that is closest to your heart!

2. sweetheart ring- one of our newest pieces we launched for Valentine’s that has quickly become a best seller!

3. the vintage locket- our version of a locket, complete with your favorite photo and a secret message handstamped inside- I wear mine almost daily!

4. the messy nest necklace- how many pearl “eggs” are in your messy nest? I have 4!

If you don’t already, come follow and chat with us:
and if you have a picture to share with us
(it totally makes our day to see them!)
don’t forget to tags us #thevintagepearl or @thevintagepearl so we are sure to see it!

please excuse the bedhead…

I usually use this lens
(recommended by Ashley)
but the other day I got the itch to bust out my trusty 50mm lens again
and Eden helped me test it out…
she has just crawled out of bed,
so please excuse her awesome case of bedhead and pajamas.

Happy face:
 photo eden_nc1.jpg
mad face…
 photo eden_nc3.jpg
surprised face…
 photo eden_nc5.jpg
silly face…
 photo eden_nc2.jpg
I just won something face:
(blurry but still cute)
 photo eden_nc4.jpg
If you are looking for a new lens to take portraits with
I highly recommend this one
it’s fairly affordable and it blurs out the background for you,
making your pictures look more professional!

NEW “love inspired” pieces!

We have brand new pieces that were inspired by love
just in time to gift your Valentine!
 photo val-col1.jpg
Our new love list necklace (at the top) is double sided,
and each one is made from scratch by hand using fine silver-
it’s beautiful!
Our “love you infinity” necklace has been so popular that we decided
to make a matching “love you infinity” bracelet,
perfect for an anniversary date or a couple’s names.
 photo val-coll2.jpg
Top left is our new “sweet love” necklace- composed of sterling layered with copper
and your loves’ names around the edge.
Our “chunky initial charm” necklace is so fun for girls of any age!
And the “sweet love” cuff is gorgeous for bracelet lovers!
 photo val-coll3.jpg
The “sweetheart ring” has an antiqued sterling beaded band and a handmade sterling heart that can be stamped with up to 3 letters.
And the “gold bar” necklace is so sweet for a name or a meaningful word you’d like to wear!

Shop the entire collection here!

We asked our Facebook friends to help us by letting us use their names to debut some of our new piece,
and the winners are:

Robyn Smith Garcia, Wendy Zgorzelski-Brown, Heather Watt Soderberg, Amy Betters-Midvedt, Shelley Lett Dohn, Staci Phillips Wiemelt, and Maria Miaritis–
please contact us at customerservice@thevintagepearl.com with your ship to address!

on the map. (wholesale collection)

Last week we were in Atlanta with our wholesale collection,
it’s so fun to watch it grow on our map!
This map is pre-Atlanta market,
I can’t wait to see it after we add the newest stores and boutiques!
 photo wsstudio4.jpg
Our wholesale team is busy busy busy right now filling Atlanta market orders…
 photo wsstudio1.jpg
This is one of our newest pieces we debuted in Atlanta,
“i love you more than there are stars in the sky”, so sweet…
 photo wsstudio2.jpg
Our wholesale collection is full of meaningful pieces that were inspired by love and faith…
 photo wsstudio3.jpg
If you’d like to see our wholesale collection sold near you
please have your favorite boutique contact us at info@tvpwholesale.com!

We have new pieces inspired by Valentine’s Day launching next week,
be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you are in the know!

share a blessing testimonies

For a couple of years you (our faithful readers) have been helping us “share a blessing” with others that may be a little down on their luck and could use a pick me up around the holidays by nominating someone you know. We have the grueling job of reading through each one (hundreds of entries are sent- there are tears shed sometimes!) and choosing some to bless, and then we send them a piece from us anonymously. This past Christmas we were able to send out around 50 “share a blessings”.
We recently received a few sweet “share a blessing” testimonies that we wanted to share with you:
 photo sabtestimony14-2.jpg
* * * * *
 photo sabtestimony14-1-1.jpg
* * * * *
 photo sabtestimony14-3.jpg
We hope they touched your hearts like they touched ours,
thank you all for helping us bless others!

these girls.

 photo atlanta14-2.jpg
This is June Anne and Jill-
June Anne runs our production team and Jill handles much of the “business” side of things.
They come on business trips with me often (to wholesale markets, store openings, supply expos, etc) and we always have a fun adventure together–
complete with lots and lots of laughter!
They are truly amazing Christian women that love me and will pray for me,
and I’m so blessed to have them as a core part of my team
as well as becoming 2 of my closest friends!

vintage spoon ring WINNERS!

We are thrilled with your response to our new vintage spoon rings! The randomly picked winners of our vintage spoon ring giveaway are: 1. Ruth L., who said: I love them all, but I think the simplicity of the classic oval is my top favorite! 2. Jenny, who said: Love, love, LOVE the vintage baroque!! […]

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atlanta market, wholesale collection

We are at the Atlanta market with our wholesale collection! We have a totally new booth this time… We are in building 3, floor 2 booth 711, we have some new pieces– come see us if you are here! If you are interested in carrying our wholesale collection we’d love to chat! Please email us […]

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NEW vintage spoon rings— giveaway!

We are super excited about our new vintage spoon rings, and it seems that many of you are loving them too! We took old spoons and handcasted them in fine pewter. They can be left blank or handstamped with your choice of initial in either our uppercase or lowercase plain letters. The “vintage baroque” is […]

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back to reality and a couple of goals.

Sadly, Christmas break is over- the kids went back to school and I’m back in the studio today. We had such a great break, it’s hard to believe it’s over, I had a hard time dropping the kids off at school this morning! I thought Eden was going to shed a few tears also, but […]

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Happy New Year, our 2013 highlights!

Happy New Year everyone, 2013 was a GREAT year! Some of my favorite highlights were: launching our brand new website in February- we had outgrown our old site and was ready for a new look and love how it turned out: In March we launched our newest font, “lowercase lucy”, which is so fun and […]

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