Biz Town.

Tessa had a great day at Biz Town, she was the Mayor!
 photo biz town 1.jpg
 photo biz town 3.jpg
 photo biz town 2.jpg
 photo biz town 4.jpg
She said it was the BEST SCHOOL DAY EVER!


The randomly picked winner of our brand new “believer” charm necklaces is…
 photo blog believer wire cross_1.jpg
Sarah Jones, who said: I would choose Amethyst. Not only is it my son’s birthstone, it was my wonderful grandfather’s as well. My grandfather passed away in July 2009, and it February 2011, my son was born on what would have been my grandfather’s 74th birthday. So it holds a very special meaning!

Congrats Sarah, we will be contacting you for a ship-to address soon!

NEW “believer” charm necklace + a GiVeAwAy!

 photo blog peridot.jpg
Our new “believer” charm necklaces are absolutely beautiful:
a handforged sterling silver cross with any swarovski birthstone in the center-
yours, your child’s , significant others, or even a stone of remembrance.

A gorgeous gift for Mom, Grandma, sisters, best friends —
many would love to receive one!

Let’s give one away!
Simply tell us below which birthstone you would pick and why to enter!
Pin it, instagram it and Facebook it for extra entries
(tag #thevintagepearl and please let a separate comment for each).

Happy GOOD FRIDAY, friends!

Run Like a Girl charm necklace (NEW!)

Be PROUD to “run like a girl” — boys, just try to keep up!
 photo news run girl.jpg
Our handsculpted girl runner is created in sterling silver. The handsculpted sterling silver running shoe charm can be handstamped on both sides – the distance, the date of your race, name of the race, etc.

Collect a shoe for each race you have run, a beautiful keepsake!
Hung on a sterling chain with a freshwater pearl.

Today only- you can purchase our new “run like a girl” charm necklace at a special introductory price–
we have a limited supply we are able to offer at this special price, don’t miss out!


2015 Easter Collection

Our 2015 Easter Collection is here!
 photo easter blog.jpg
Our Easter collection is full of 5 brand new beautiful pieces that celebrate Him and remind us of His great love and sacrifice for us!


learning from the best!

Today our leadership team is learning from the BEST in the BIZ at
the “Disney Institute for Business Excellence”!
 photo disney institute.jpg
It’s hard for us all to get away from the studio sometimes,
but days like today are totally worth it.
We are constantly learning and trying to become better as a company
(I was a Psych major with a minor in Spanish after all!)
and we love learning from others that have been successful.
We walked away inspired, fed with knowledge and new insights…
it will be exciting to see what new ideas come out of it!

Disneyland with my girls.

My girls and I had an AMAZING time at Disneyland…
we ate Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast…
 photo dl blog10.jpg
We rode the new CARS LAND racing ride…
(which we weren’t able to get on the last time we were here because of long lines)
 photo DL blog1.jpg
and LOVED it!
 photo dl blog2.jpg
All Tessa wanted was a goofy hat and gloves,
so for the rest of the trip Eden and I would point to her and say “we’re with GOOFY”.
 photo dl blog3.jpg
We had lunch at Ariel’s Grotto…
 photo dl blog4.jpg
watched the new Aladdin musical… it was amazing.
 photo dl blog5.jpg
rode lots of rides…
 photo dl blog12.jpg
played games, won prizes…
 photo dl blog9.jpg
 photo dl blog 14.jpg
and ate mickey ice creams…
 photo dl blog6.jpg
We stayed on property at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel which isn’t something we normally do, this was a total splurge (thanks to our American Express points!)
The hotel was very nice although the room was simple and basic…
 photo dl blog 13.jpg
but we were given a park view and able to see some of the rides from our balcony, it was pretty when they were all lit up at night time!

Because we stayed on property we were given access to the parks an hour before people NOT staying on property, so we were able to ride a few favorite rides without waiting. The weather was beautiful and the lines weren’t too bad, and being able to just take a break when we needed to go up to our room in a matter of minutes to rest (see Eden on her bed above) or go swim was perfect. We had a special entrance to one of the parks, and everything is within a short walking distance to each other (both Disney parks, Downtown Disney and our hotel) so we didn’t even rent a car.
We would definitely go back again!

growing up.

 photo dl blog11.jpg
It’s sad to say but my kids are growing up —
they don’t get super excited about characters anymore…
but they still take the pictures for me…
because I DO get excited, they’re so fun and part of the “magic”!
(thanks girls!)

room service!

I introduced the girls to room service…
 photo bl blog8.jpg
and it was yummy!
 photo bl blog7_1.jpg
Sorry Ryan!

just the girls.

This morning I woke up the girls with a fun surprise:
we are going to Disneyland!
 photo erin and girls blog.jpg
I don’t know how I’ve been able to keep this secret from them,
I’ve almost slipped many times.
I’m so excited to have them all to myself for a few days —
girls trip!

LA Dream Center.

 photo boys blog spring break.jpg
All 3 of my boys are heading out to help and serve at the LA Dream Center for their Spring Break! This is Caleb’s 3rd ministry trip as an 8th grader, Jonah’s first ministry trip as a 6th grader, and this year Ryan is a chaplain. So proud of my boys and just one of the many reasons we love our school and church — they are raising up leaders and missionaries, helping others, learning to serve and making a difference! Mark 16:15

No Matter the Miles Between Us (NEW NECKLACE!)

After many requests we have taken our popular “no matter the miles between us” keychain and turned it into a necklace!
 photo news no matter the miles.jpg
You’ll always be in my heart, no matter the miles between us, our hearts are always connected.

A handsculpted USA charm (about 1 1/2″ across) in a beautiful bronze is slightly hammered and handstamped with hearts over any 2 places with dots connecting them in between. A sweet gift for any long distance friends, loves, or family members. Finished on your choice of bronze or sterling chain with a freshwater pearl.


lazy saturday mornings…

…are few and far between in our house!
 photo blog breakfast tessa.jpg
This is the first lazy Saturday morning our family has had in a LONG time!
(We usually have sports games early)
Tessa is making us breakfast while we lounge together–
she LOVES to cook and what a blessing it is to have her help!
Happy Saturday everyone!

Pot of Gold Sale Tomorrow (in stores only!)

 photo pot of gold blog.jpg

Kari Jobe

We are big fans of Christian singer/worship leader Kari Jobe and have been for many years. Sometimes we listen to her music while working in the studio. When we had the opportunity to make a few pieces for her we were honored, and getting to meet her was the icing on the cake!
 photo hope and kari Jobe.jpg
Hope and Jennifer (team members from our wholesale collection) loved getting to meet Kari and said her concert was AMAZING (not surprising!)
 photo kari jobe concert2.jpg
Thank you, Kari Jobe, for a fun memory!

(pictures by Jennifer Olinske, Olinske Photography)

NEW – Dainty Drops with Names (plus FREE earrings!)

 photo dainty drop special blog.jpg
Order our brand new “dainty drop with names” necklace TODAY
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