home state love (new!)

 photo homestatelovecollcopy.jpg
Our “love for Oklahoma” necklace was so popular that we are now offering every state!
We hand mold each state in bronze and adorn it with a silver heart,
hung on a sterling chain with a pearl.
Some hearts will be bigger or smaller depending on the shape and size of the state,
but they all turn out beautifully–
a great way to show your pride for your state.
Shop for them here!


  1. Hannah Mabee says:

    Would you be able to do the Canadian provinces?

  2. jean eng says:

    Kids are getting big! Not ready to believe you are their Mom. Whew! and I was pretending that you and jae and becky and etc were just away at college. (It’s hard to let go of all those old memories. I LOVE your state necklaces.

  3. Oh sweet girl. I’ve been following you for a spell over on instagram. Just getting here. And am in love with your entire site! I hope you have my states available. Headed to peek now. :)

  4. I love the home states love very cute!

  5. Claire Rawlings says:

    is there a picture of Georgia with heart on it? can i see it? i would like to see it before i order it..
    thank you..

  6. wow these all the jewellery designs are very beautiful i like it.

  7. I love the home states love very cute!

  8. I LOVE these necklaces!!! Just so you know though, in MI, we “yoopers” (Upper Peninsula dwellers) prefer to be separate from lower MI.
    Hope to see that soon!

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