sugar packet sniper

With 4 kids ages 5-12, sometimes waiting can be hard—
so when we go out to eat our family likes to play a little game while waiting for our food to arrive:
we get a sugar packet for each member of the family,
then make a little dot on one of them- the person who gets this one is the “sniper”…
 photo sugarpackets.jpg
Someone mixes them all up and hands them out randomly
(each kid gets a turn to hand them out)
and then the “sniper” tries to secretly wink at everyone else, one at a time…
 photo edenwink.jpg
When you get winked out you wait a few seconds
(so you don’t blow their cover)
and then declare “I’m out”.
If the “sniper” gets everyone without being caught by someone seeing them wink they win,
otherwise the “sniper” who gets the most people out before being caught wins.
We have lots of fun,
and the wait time passes by so quickly!


  1. How fun! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like fun we are going to try this next time we go out

  3. We used to play that with my Grandmom. She called it Killer 😉 I forgot about that game!

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