please excuse the bedhead…

I usually use this lens
(recommended by Ashley)
but the other day I got the itch to bust out my trusty 50mm lens again
and Eden helped me test it out…
she has just crawled out of bed,
so please excuse her awesome case of bedhead and pajamas.

Happy face:
 photo eden_nc1.jpg
mad face…
 photo eden_nc3.jpg
surprised face…
 photo eden_nc5.jpg
silly face…
 photo eden_nc2.jpg
I just won something face:
(blurry but still cute)
 photo eden_nc4.jpg
If you are looking for a new lens to take portraits with
I highly recommend this one
it’s fairly affordable and it blurs out the background for you,
making your pictures look more professional!


  1. She is adorable! Can’t believe how big she has gotten!

  2. Love the pictures of Eden!

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