a golden tie that binds (new, plus a GIVEAWAY!)

I’m thrilled to share our newest creation,
the golden tie that binds ring:
 photo tiethatbindsringweb2.jpg
The beautiful golden tie binds our families together forever–
each sterling ring represents a member of your family.
 photo tiethatbindsring.jpg
So simple,
yet so unique and meaningful.

Today we are giving one of these new rings away!
Simply tell us below something fun about your family to enter.
Facebook, instagram and/or tweet about the ring for extra entries
(leave a separate comment for each,
be sure to tag us #thevintagepearl or @thevintagepearl).


  1. Kim Henrichs says:

    Gorgeous!! My family is very nomadic…we cover many coasts and continents!

    • My family of my husband and I along with our two daughters has grown yearly for the last 4 years as we have welcomed exchange students annually. I now have four handsome sons that I call mine!

    • Sandy McClendon says:

      This ring is beautiful…I love it. I’m getting married in 15 days and God couldn’t have given me a better man. He loves my two children like his own and I’m so excited to start a new adventure together. This ring is perfect to signify just that.

    • My sweet family just opened our home to our first precious foster daughter this week. We have 10 year old precious daughter and three fun sons…7, 6, and 4!! We are loving life right now as a family of 7!!

  2. Carolyn Moore says:

    We are just learning the ropes as a family of five after welcoming Felicity to the family two weeks ago!

  3. I’m a mama to 4 kiddos, ages 6,4,2, and 14 weeks. It is so much fun, although crazy at times!!!

  4. Love this! Family is what life is all about!

  5. Nicole Cet says:

    My family is crazy. But a good crazy, we are all so different and yet we all fit together so well.

  6. Karen Foster says:

    a 2 nationality family of five often on the go, this ring would represent the togetherness despite days when we barely cross paths for an hour…

  8. Leanne Lloyd says:

    Stunning! Close net family:)

  9. Our family of three loves to sing “old school” songs to the top of our lungs. Well, old school to my daughter. 80’s not so old school to me! 😉

  10. My family is very athletic and we like to be involved in all sports!

  11. Ali McClary says:

    My family (and I have recruited most of them) are currently selling girl scout cookies. Fun and very hectic!!! =)

  12. That’s beautiful. I’d got two crazy boys and a new baby, everything about our family is fun!

  13. Jamie Baker says:

    beautiful ring! one fun thing today is it’s mg daughter’s, Betsy, first birthday!!

  14. Kelly Kirkland says:

    What a beautiful ring, and I love its name! As a family of five, family and love are truly what IT is all about!

  15. My family loves to eat whole artichokes boiled as a birthday treat!

  16. Jessica Anderson says:

    What a perfect ring! I love it…thanks for the chance :) Love my family of 5!

  17. Janelle DiNicola says:

    Have 2 kids a 3.5yr old boy and 13 month old girl the best days are spent just relaxing and laughing with our kids. The best things in life really are free.

  18. Michele Marks says:

    My family is about to expand with a new sister! My brother just proposed to his sweet girlfriend over Christmas, as they’re getting married this June!! We are all beyond excited in how out family is growing :)

  19. I love this ring and what it symbolizes!! Oh I hope it’s me that wins!

  20. love my family. it is what makes the world go round. :)

  21. Amanda Shaw says:

    My family has learned to deal with a hubby deploying. We welcome him home tomorrow after a year gone and since we all love surprises…we are surprising everyone we know!!!

    • Carly smith says:

      welcome home to your hubby, Amanda!! mine leaves to Afghanistan next week. congrats on making all year. :) praying for your reunion and the surprise–no heart attacks! :)

      • Ladies, thank you for holding the fort down at home while they serve. All of you are in our prayers daily. God bless you!

  22. laurie boyne says:

    This ring immediately spoke to me since I have 5 children. Love this!

  23. April Hunt says:

    My husband and I met on the internet! That’s how our family started!! :)

  24. Love this ring!! My family loves to travel. Our next trip is only a week away!

  25. I love this!!! My family keeps no secrets – we can tell each other anything and everything. Oh, and friends are family, too! Nothing is more important than family.

  26. My family loves to laugh…and my kids have the BEST giggles.

  27. Ali McClary says:

    Tweeted about the ring! =) @alimissmac

  28. April Hunt says:

    I LIKE you on facebook!I shared the giveaway too!!

  29. Greta Stoner says:

    We try to make every day fun, it’s the little things! My husband is a 2 1/2 year cancer survivor and we have 2 little girls so we try to make everything fun!!

  30. Vanessa brown says:

    We are a blended family of seven, working to come together after the birth of our fifth child! Our baby boy is the tie that binds us all together.

  31. We are spread from coast to coast. My son just got back from Afghanistan.

  32. Our large, “yours, mine, and ours” family have been on some rough roads, but have made it through as strong and close as ever!

  33. My family loves holidays. Halloween is our favorite. My adult children still dress up and celebrate with us every year.

  34. Out family is on the fun, roller coaster journey of adoption! We can’t wait to add Coleman Kiddo #4!

  35. My family is starting to branch out on their own. One is about to graduate from college, one is starting to search for colleges. It would be good to tie them together and hold them close to my heart as they explore new things.

  36. We are a family of 6. I have titled our lives The Gross, The Gooey, and The Glorious. Because through it all, the gross and gooey moments that make up a lot of my life with four small children, there is always the glorious to find in it.

  37. Christie N. says:

    What a beautiful ring! I enjoy my family!

  38. Tweeted about the giveaway.

  39. Posted on facebook!

  40. My hubby and I were both in our 30s when we got married. The last of our siblings to do so.

  41. Kate Murray says:

    This is something I have been looking for! I love this! Something about my family? We are a family of five with the fabulous little girls who are so frequently pretending we never know what’s real and what’s make believe!

  42. Beautiful sentiment! Family Always!

  43. Just love this ring! Our family is big on traditions … I’ll share one: Before every road trip, Mom (me!) makes homemade mini chocolate chip muffins for the ride. They don’t last long! 😉

  44. Cynthia Sheffield says:

    I’m a mom if 3 teenagers! How much more fun can that be!

  45. We love to go hiking together!

  46. Leslie Moore says:

    My family is getting ready to welcome a new little boy in July! We are currently trying to rearrange our 3-bedroom home to make room for him!

  47. I love this ring! So pretty! Our family story is unique too, just like this ring : )

  48. Megan Beck says:

    We are a family of 4 with God at the center…..life is crazy and hectic. Our two boys love sports and we love to cultivate that love. Which means…going going going….all the time

  49. No matter how many comments people have to say, we are a perfect family of 3!

  50. Married for 8 months with a 1 and a half year old yellow lab :) loving life and looking forward to making our family bigger!

  51. Shelby Williams says:

    After my husband and I struggled with miscarriages and infertility we finally welcomed our miracle baby boy on 11/12/13. We finally became a family. We are enjoying just being a family and not taking a day of it for granted. We are over the moon for our little boy!

  52. Lindsey McCall says:

    My family is … 20 month old twin girls and a 8 year old big sister. We have girls so we got a male dog and a male cat for my husband. He needed help with all the girls in his life!

  53. Caitlynne M says:

    We are a new family of four living across the US from our families for the first time!

  54. Well a family is new and. Different every day! With 3 kids it is never dull and there always changing and growing and discovering something new! It’s always a blessing to see the world from their prospective?

  55. Elizabeth Glenn says:

    My family is a blend of stepchildren, step grandchildren, and our own daughter. It may not be the traditional Fairy Tale but it’s mine!

  56. Kathy Heyerly says:

    I would love this ring! My husband and I have been married almost 21 years and we have 3 boys and a girl, ages 14-6. I homeschooled them for a while and when we needed a change, sent them to private school. I went to work at the school to still be with them.

  57. Cathy Helm says:

    I am the mom of two boys 16/13… Super proud of both!! Our oldest is a Jr. in HS and in the process of planning the 3rd Annual Autism Awareness Month at his High School… in honor of his little brother

  58. Jaime Hennessy says:

    We call ourselves the J-team. Jaime, John, Jillian and Jason. It’s continuing my husband’s side who has three sisters – Jaime, Julie and Jennifer.

  59. Beautiful ring and sentiment. As a missionary family I think our family has experienced a lot more than many and had more pain but also more closeness. This ring visually sums up our family well.

  60. Monica Horton says:

    My family is pieced together very lovingly so by divine intervention! I have 2 children. my husband none, my new step brother in law had 1 and his new wife has 3 and together they had 2 more….my wonderful mother in law now has 8 grandchildren and all in less than a year!!!!!!!!! I praise her for loving us all even though not all of us are blood she treats us like we are!!!! In a way when I saw this ring it made me think of our family the gold ribbon like her holding us all together! Thanks for asking!

  61. Another beautiful piece of jewelry! Our family of 5 enjoys playing a mean game of Monopoly :-)

  62. This is gorgeous! Hmmm something fun about my family? We have lived overseas since 2009 and my kids have spent more years in Turkey than in America! Being a cross-cultural family has its unique joys nod challenges and I love how close we all are because of our call. We are thankful for God’s amazing grace to us!

  63. Sarah Taylor says:

    Our family changed dramatically when we welcomed twin boys back in August! We’re currently a family of 5, still waiting to bring home our other daughter from Ethiopia!

  64. I love the sentiment of this ring! With two children at college and one at jr. boarding school it would be like they were always with me when I wear it <3

  65. Angie Ward says:

    My husband & I are the proud parents of 12 year old twin boys & a 7 year old princess!

  66. Lindsay S. says:

    We always say we have 5 kids. 3 of which are our English Bulldog puppies. :-)

  67. Erika Silverthorn Nichols says:

    We are a family of three boys…until our one and only baby girl was born two months ago. Finally getting some pink girly stuff into this house!

  68. My husband and I were in our mid 30’s when we married. I got ill within the first year and my husband helped through a very hard time. He helped other members on each side of the families through issues too. We are there for each other. we love and support each other.

  69. We like to make up silly songs and sing them on our vacations – in the car, riding bikes on the beach, at the top of a ski run, etc.

  70. Lindsey McCall says:

    I am in Oklahoma and my sister is in California. We only see each other about once a year. But our bond is so strong that we pick up where we left off just as if we saw each other daily. Sisters are special.

  71. Sarah Taylor says:

    Shared on facebook!

  72. Erika Silverthorn Nichols says:

    Facebook shared.

  73. we love to be outdoors doing something – shooting sports, hiking, working animals, helping dad with his chores. love the ring!

  74. My family loves to play croquet together in the backyard on summer nights! The ring is a beautiful symbol of us bound together!

  75. Jessica Stanton says:

    My toddlers make every snow in this long cold winter enjoyable!! They make my life brighter and give me reason to laugh and smile every day!!

  76. We are a sports-loving family of four!

  77. Brenda S Pearson says:

    My family works together – prays together – plays together – NOTHING like family!!

  78. Jenny Peterson says:

    We always have popcorn, pizza, m and ms on friday nights and play games as a family, it is definitley one of the highlights of our week!

  79. We have 4 girls who are spread over 10 years. We are dealing with everything from pre – teen hormones to 1st Communion to potty training to 1st birthdays.

  80. Michelle H. says:

    We love to go camping on the summer and love to laugh and do pratical jokes on each other. Our girls are 14 and 11.

  81. We tried for years to make our family a family of 3. After all the treatments and surgeries we could do, doctors told me I couldn’t have children. Little did they know… Our God is greater than science!! Our miracle baby girl arrived June 2012! I finally have my family of three!

  82. celeste Calcote says:

    pretty!! WE are a family of 5! i have 3 precious boys 8, 6, 19 months!

  83. We are a military family. We gotta stick together!

  84. Katherine A says:

    Well I like many I have a few different families. I’ll focus on the family that is my husband and I! We have two fur babies and foster for a rescue so the third fur baby is changing quite frequently!

  85. Mandy Faucett says:

    Love the simplicity of this ring even though it stands for something so priceless, family! I’m a mom to a very active 2 1/2 and 4 yr old so there is never dull moments in our household! We love dancing around and singing with the kids after their bath time.

  86. As a new mom, it is do fun to watch our daughter grow!! Motherhood is both the best and craziest thing I have ever done!

  87. Jenna Jensen says:

    We just confirmed this morning that we are growing our family by 1….making us a family of 4!!

  88. Jada schiessl says:

    We’re a family who’s trying to make a spot of early holy & shining for Jesus. We hope to bound to others by love & show everyone, a Christian home can be a crazy, fun, awesome place to be.

  89. We’re a family of coffee Connoisseurs! Our kids know the ins and outs of the specialty coffee world (none of this Starbucks crap for us) and what it takes to manually brew a cup of coffee from one if our 8 (yes that’s right) different manual coffee brewers.

  90. Super cute ring….love it! Family is everything….

  91. Dana Patty says:

    I am a blessed mom of 2 amazing grown kids, Ryan & Mariah plus a wonderful daughter-in-love, Laura! Ryan and Laura live 8 hours away, while Ryan attends Seminary (earning his Masters of Divinity). This gorgeous ring just reminds me that no matter how far away our family goes, we’re forever bound by love! I would be so excited to get this ring for my 43rd birthday next week :-)

  92. Kristi Tabor says:

    We are a family of six. Three girls 11, 8, and 2. We finally had a sweet boy in December. Busy and hectic but wouldn’t change it for the world!

  93. We are TEAM CARLSON…our kids showed livestock and did livestock judging in 4-H and then in college…we participated in these things together as a family and worked together as a TEAM.

  94. Shareese M. says:

    I’m actually in the process of building my family & planning my wedding. Oh, a buying a house to build this family in. It’s a fun, strenuous, and waning process, but I wouldn’t trade if for the world. I like to know that I’m working hard for our family and that my fiancé is doing the same. :]

  95. I am a proud Mother of 3 boys!! Love this ring!!

  96. I’m the only girl in our family…. I love it! Boys are so much fun!

  97. Sarah Coenen says:

    We are an Air Force family and just moved to Barksdale AF Base, Louisiana this week. My boys and I are having fun checking out our new space and place. We don’t have any friends (outside of the 4 of us) yet so we are having SUCH FUN filling that ‘gap’ for each other. I love my family. There’s no other group of people that I would rather cry, yell, laugh or snuggle with! Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  98. Sue Deakos says:

    My family of five has a love of reruns. The Brady Bunch is our favorite!!!

  99. What a great ring! We are a family of 7 with 5 little loves ages 1 – 9. We have lots of *fun* around here. This week’s fun involved everyone playing out in the snow.

  100. Sarah Coenen says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  101. My husband & 1st son have the same initials (KCK), & me & my 2nd son have the same initials (LSK)! So our “family monogram” includes all of us (kKl)!

  102. We love Jesus, pizza and babies :)

  103. Heather Horton says:

    We love spending time playing and watching basketball games.

  104. Love that ring! We are a busy family of four (+ two dogs) who loves to roadtrip (with the dogs). It’s a bit of a circus, but we make great memories :)

  105. This ring is gorgeous! I have three wee boys who are full of energy and keep me young. I call them my little tasmanian devils and love our crazy life.

  106. Heather Snow says:

    I’d love to win this! Our family is off balance…I’m one of 7 and so we embrace the huge, crazy, wild family gatherings with my side to go to my husbands house where he (and both his parents) is an only child. Talk about two different worlds!

  107. i have raised two generations of children; my oldest daughter is old enough to be my youngest sons’ mother. :)

  108. Our marriage has been such an adventure….going, doing, seeing, and moving!!! Do exciting and fun. Having our first child at the age of 32, it is now a NEW adventure! Having a toddler, it’s something new everyday!! I always wanted 4 littles, but not sure I’m up for that many adventures! Haha

  109. Melissa H. says:

    Beautiful ring. Something fun about our family is that we love jokes. The kids try making them all the time and every now and then they come up with something hilarious!

  110. We are a fun, athletic and energetic family of 4! Two girls and two boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

  111. I am the only female in my family! Hubby and I have 5 boys together and even our dog is a boy! Would love to win this ring to remind me of my family and keep me feminine! Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. We ALL love Disneyworld! Even my parents!

  113. 2nd entry as i’m sharing the post on fb ~ i have five children and almost 5 g’children. <3

  114. Aubrey Berg says:

    Because of his military job, my husband is gone away from me and the kids a lot. In fact, he’s gone now. :( This ring would serve as a little visual reminder that although we’re not together physically, we’re always together in our hearts and minds.

  115. Kendall Diaz says:

    We are the family that is not afraid to be a little loud and a little silly. We try to be a little better everyday. I love my family and wouldn’t change anything about it.

  116. I am a mother to two little ones that I homeschool…days can be long but always interesting! My happiest times are when we go camping. Such a fun and relaxing time! We are truly blessed!

  117. We had the craziest year ever last year! Our three kids, 5 1/2 years apart in age, all got married in the space of 6 months! We went from 5 to 8 in the blink of an eye. We love our new three like they were our own. What would a ring of 8 look like? I would love to find out! :-)

  118. Angela Ennis says:

    We are a family of 4. They my reason for living. Love my family and honestly don’t know how life could be any better. They make me happy. So blessed to be their mother. There are days where I wonder why God picked me to be their mother. Life is so good! Glass is always 1/2 full!! :)

  119. ashley helmert says:

    We are a family of five and we are Disney fanatics. ♥ Thanks for the chance! ♥

  120. Kandy Renfroe says:

    Love this ring! My husband and I have 2 sweet kiddos. Our oldest, age 4, was born on Mother’s Day! And our youngest, age 1, was born on January 1st and was the New Year’s Baby for our town last year!

  121. Kim martinez says:

    Love this ring! We are a family of 5 husband, I & 3 kids! Family is everything :)

  122. Disneyfreaks! One word to describe our family! Beautiful ring!

  123. Nikki Czerwinski says:

    Our family of 7 (hubby & me, 4 boys & a girl in the middle!) has been through tough times and fun times and when push comes to shove we have each other’s backs and the bond is unbreakable! We are blessed to have an amazingly supportive and close knit extended family as well! (:

  124. I LOVE this ring – it would be perfect for my blended family of 5!!! My husband and I have been married for 17 years and together have 3 girls, almost grown now: 21, 24 and 24! Everyone asks if the 2 that are 24 are twins and we laugh and say, “nope, they’re 3 months apart”, haha! That throws them off for sure!

  125. Shared on Facebook

  126. Becky Cope says:

    Sometimes live can be difficult but I’m so thankful my family is ALWAYS there!

  127. Love watching my son play baseball, and just ordered the super cute baseball necklace. Fab Family of 5.

  128. ashley helmert says:

    Shared on fb! ♥

  129. We have all girls. FIVE to be exact! :) So. Many. Hormones…

  130. We’re a family of four. We love to do things together outside. We’re now a double tandem bike family. The girls ride one bike and the boys ride another (including the dog, he’s a boy and rides in a bag on the bike!).

  131. Just tagged the giveaway on Facebook!

  132. We are a family of 4 and I am the only girl. It’s fun to be taken care of by my boys.

  133. sarah moore says:

    We love to go out to in n out for special occasions.

  134. I LOVE this ring! Would be perfect for my little family of 4!

  135. Shared on FB

  136. Beautiful ring!!! We are a bigger family than we seem: 4 of us are earth side- the youngest being 6 weeks old today- and we have 2 in heaven!

  137. Love this. We are a family of four that love to spend time together.

  138. Shannon Brown says:

    As a military wife and mom to a family of five it is rare that we are all together at one time anymore. But we stay connected and love sharing in everyone’s adventures. What a symbolic ring of keeping everyone connected even when miles may separate you. Love it!

  139. LOVE this ring!!My husband and I have been married for almost 18 years but 7 years ago we were facing sure divorce….but by the grace of God our marriage was redeemed and we now have 2 more children added to our mix! This ring reminds me that what God has meant for good can not be broken!!

  140. Amber Wadman says:

    I love this ring! At night our family like’s to blast some music and have a family dance party! We have some great dancers!

  141. I shared this giveaway on Facebook giving my husband a not so subtle hint for the next gift holiday! 😉

  142. shared on Facebook

  143. Such a cute and awesome ring! We love to have dance parties at our house and dance around the living room!

  144. Michelle Underwood says:

    I homeschool our 4 children. My husband works from an office in our home. We get a lot of family time, and our schedules are very flexible!

  145. One blessed mommy to two IVF babies!! We always have fun and take time to act
    Just as silly as possible! We make up names for each other anytime we go out. They
    Think it’s very funny :)

  146. Oh my goodness…I LOVE this ring!!! :) Our family has six members–my hubby, myself and our four kids. We have 2 girls and 2 boys. All of the girls have names beginning with J and our sons both have C names. My hubby has the lone E name. Maybe that means we’re not done yet. 😉 Feel very blessed!

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  148. tweeted

  149. Our family is currently on a mission to find the best French toast ever!!

  150. cyndee bradley-nesko says:

    I have a beautiful blended family 4 yr old daughter,1step daughter 13,step son 19,,son 23,son 28 ,my husband and I had to live separately for financial reasons 2 years ago I have half our family and he has half and it works good for now we are saving to unite our blended family soon! What a beautiful ring

  151. My family is unique in that my boyfriend and I have 4 kids between us (3 mine, 1 his) and the kids are the ones who started calling each other “brother and sister” and not just “my dads girlfriends kids” or “my moms boyfriends son”. They are who tie us together as a family.

  152. I have a family of 2 boys and just registered my oldest for preschool. So excited!

  153. Raissa Dupuis says:

    Our family of 3 boys (6, 4, 2) will be welcoming a sister in 6 weeks :)

  154. I feel lucky to have a loving husband and two smart, beautiful, healthy children!

  155. Stacie Gardner says:

    Love it so simple but so cute

  156. Neiko Lefler says:

    I love this ring! We just welcomed our third baby boy…needless to say life is a little crazy in our family!

  157. Elizabeth Glenn says:

    Tweeted the contest

  158. We are a family of four, but my husband’s mother and grandmother stay with us so often that we feel like a family of six!

  159. Elizabeth Glenn says:

    Shared on FB

  160. We are a family of 4! My husband and I are high school sweethearts, been together for 15 years (married for 10), we very happily just brought our son home from the hospital, he was born 6 weeks early and spent 12 days in the NICU. It was a very scary delivery, but we are very happy to now have our precious baby boy! Our amazing daughter who is 7 is the best big sister ever! Those 12 days were definitely the hardest days/nights we have ever gone through as a family, so being together now we are more than blessed and thankful!

  161. Shared on fb :)

  162. We are a fun family because we have Monday night dance parties with our 10-month-old! He LOVES it!

  163. I love this ring. It reminds me of a song that is dear to my family. My family is crazy but we stick together!

  164. Our family is a blended family. Consisting of me and my husband my son and step daughter. I love this ring and what it symbolizes.

  165. My fabulous family of four loves to create silly songs about everything. :)

  166. Michelle Page says:

    I love being a stay at home mama to my 11 yr old and 8 yr old! We are one loud, rowdy bunch, and we love to laugh…I wouldn’t change a thing! :)

  167. My family likes music and we love to sing and dance around the house!

  168. Tweeted about it @jennilindsey79

  169. Corie Forbes says:

    I am part of a family that has come together through unconditional love. My biological mother turned her back on me at 16. My stepmother stepped in and filled that role. At 21, she legally adopted me. She has taught me what love should be. Our family has a bond that can never be broken.

  170. Shared on facebook :)

  171. My family is a small one, but my hubby and daughter are the absolute most treasured people to me. Everyday at supper we have a silliest face contest! Whoever wins gets to pick dessert! That is why they are so fun…because they are so silly!

  172. Beautiful ring! My husband and I have 2 sweet boys, ages 7 and 10. Our family loves to be together and we are always on the go. I wouldn’t trade our life or my “3 boys” for anything in the world. :)

  173. stephanie landeros says:

    Nothing but fun around our house, we have 4 children that keep us laughing daily:)

  174. Erica Cheslock says:

    My family is always there for me, no matter what. Even though we all live in different states, getting together for holidays or special occasions is so appreciated!

  175. Beautiful ring! Our family of 3, does everything together! One of the fun things we like to do together is to cuddle up on Saturday nights and watch oldie television shows! Family time is the most important time to us!!! <3
    #thevintagepearl @thevintagepearl

  176. I am a first time mommy of a beautiful little girl Briella who is 3 months old. Would love to get this ring to represent our little family :)

  177. Wow, such a simple yet sweet idea! We are all dorks here. From my husband all the way down to our 2 year old we can all regale you with stories from the Star Wars book collection, any super hero you can name, and the entire Doctor Who lineage. :) Oh, and Legos.

  178. Blythe Battiste says:

    My family is funny and loves spending time together! Love this ring!

  179. In the past 6 months we sold our home, moved into an apartment, had one kiddo start kindergarten, another begin preschool, welcomed our 3rd child to the family, and are building a new home. Lots of craziness but love being a family of 5!

  180. Donna Forrester says:

    This ring is perfect to represent our family of 5 plus one in Heaven. <3

  181. Amy Critchlow says:

    We like to have spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen! And this ring is simply perfect!

  182. My family always had game night once a week, and my daughter has continued the tradition with her girls, my beautiful granddaughters!!!

  183. Every year, for National Ice Cream Day (the 3rd Sunday of July), our family has an Ice Cream Social and Croquet Tournament.

  184. Our family loves to play “name that tune” and our kids are getting pretty good at knowing their classic rock and 80s/90s music!

  185. We have 3 girls and just love being together….doesn’t matter what we r doing:)

  186. Something fun about our family? We’re adding a baby boy to the clan this summer!

  187. Vanessa Hager says:

    Love this ring and everything Vintage Pearl! We are a family of 5 with 3 wild and crazy boys!

  188. We have one miracle baby and we will have more through adoption.

  189. Our family of 3 loves cooking and baking together! You can always find us in the kitchen (covered in flour)!!!!!
    Recipe for LOVE; 1 cup smiles, 3 kisses, and endless hugs!!!!!

  190. Susan Nafziger says:

    Perfect ring…such beauty. I am so beyond blessed to have the man in my life that has not accepted but embraced, loved and adored my two boys. After my divorce I thought my path was to raise my children but he has taken us all and given us such joy….they way he looks at the boys amazes me. Love my family.

  191. We have 2 girls and lots and lots of pink, lots of Barbies, and lots of sparkly glitter! But never enough jewelry…..

  192. Our family is a blended one. We have 4 children and recently said our wedding vows not only to each other but to each other’s children and exchanged rings with everyone. It was beautiful!

  193. i cant wait to get one for my mom i love these. id get the 3 ring one for me my brother and my mother

  194. Amie Cannon says:

    We are a crazy, chaotic family of fun! A dad, mom, six cute kiddos, dog, two guinea pigs, and two cats! You never know what you are gping to walk into when in our house! ♡♡♡

  195. We are learning Mandarin Chinese for fun.

  196. As I look at the ring,the gold reminds me of our families faith in GOD , he holds us together . We are a military family for over 22 years , the rings reminded me all the times we had to learn to stay close and have faith . Some examples when my husband was deployed , moving every few years , keeping close to our extended family ,and now with young adult kids living in different states .

  197. Love it! I have 2 boys – a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old.

  198. Andrea Lisk says:

    I have 3 boys, my husband comes from a family of 3 boys and my BIL comes from a family of 4 boys! And I have 2 nieces and no nephews (yet) :)

  199. This is gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity! My husband plays the guitar as a hobby so Friday nights generally find us in the basement with him playing, my five year old singing whatever made up song comes into her and and my two year old daughter and I dancing along. It’s a blast!

  200. We have a wonderfully wild and crazy family of five, with three brothers that have a lifelong love!

  201. Kelly Ammons says:

    5:1 ratio in my family. I’m the one and only female and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Love my husband and our boys!

  202. Jamie Gabel says:

    Family Is Amazingly Important! After Years Of Infertility Struggles, My Hubby & I Have Two Beautiful Dsughters. We Do Not Take A Minute For GranteD With Them..We ARE Blessed & They Are Cherished Blessings!!

  203. My parents own our family business that my hubby works for, and he also farms with his dad and grandpa. Family businesses all around!

  204. Stephenie Bristow says:

    My family is celebrating the 9th birthday of our first born daughter! Cake, party and lots of girls!!

  205. kuliejellogg says:

    We love to do most anything – or nothing – as long as we’re together. :)

  206. I’m the forever cheerleader of our family. I’ve been in the stands watching my husband since high school and now he coaches our two children. For every season and every sport I’m there cheering them on and that is what binds our family and keeps us so close.

  207. Amanda Kamin says:

    My husband and I keep very busy with our two little loves; reading, painting, playing ball. We are very excited to be welcoming our third little love into our family this spring!

  208. It hasn’t been easy. I was a single Mom for 13 years until God brought this amazing man into my life. Less than 5 months after our first date, we were married. Anthony asked my son and my Mother for my hand. Richie was so happy. After we got married, Anthony and I were at the front of the church when Richie walked out with my sister. He was crying. When I asked him why he was crying, Richie said, “I have a Dad. I finally really have a Dad!” It’s been challenging to say the least but God is faithful. We are a family who plays together and prays together. WE are a tree full of nuts and I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Love this ring! We are a foster family. After one of our 3 boys passed, my husband and I felt drawn to foster care. We are on our 4th foster child, and are hopefully just months away from adopting her!

  210. We have three young sons. They’re all so different- never a dull moment for sure! This ring is gorgeous. :)

  211. I have two little girls ages one and four. We like to have dance parties when listening to songs from The Little Mermaid!

  212. Khari' Mcvey says:

    Lovely!!! Family of 4 & they are my world… I get to be the mother of 2 beautiful children & the wife to an amazing husband. It’s a joy & a blessing even if it’s a circus at times!

  213. Susan Roberts says:

    I have a blended family with three daughters. This ring really represents how the five of us have come together.

  214. We like to do the ‘hot dog dance’ from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at my house! So much fun!

  215. Tracey graver says:

    We’re adjusting to being a family of 5 after
    welcoming our newest member 6 weeks ago.
    We love spending time together whether it’s family
    movie night, singing and dancing together or cooking
    dinner together.
    Love the new ring!

  216. Megan Wheeler says:

    Our family will be getting bigger in May! Baby Boy #2 will be joining us. Can’t wait! LOVE this ring!

  217. Beautiful ring!
    I’m a SAHM with a 2yo and a 5mo old. Every day is an adventure!

  218. Facebook shared

  219. We are a family of 5. Our oldest 2 children will be going away to college in the fall. It will be so different only having 1 child at home. So excited for them, but not sure I’m ready.

  220. Tara Malouf says:

    My husband and I are headed out with our 2 teenagers (17 and 14) for a service project trip to the Dominican Republic this summer! Super excited to travel and serve cross culturally with our kids!

  221. My husband and I got married on August 4th, 2012. A month later, we found out we were pregnant with our first child! We gave birth to our healthy, beautiful baby girl on May 1st, 2013. Just when I thought I was getting a hang of being a mommy, we discovered we’re expecting baby #2 in August!! In two years we have had a wedding and two kids; could not imagine having such a perfect family in such a short amount of time. We are blessed!

  222. I love my family of 4! They are fun, crazy and lovable.

  223. This is our 13th address in 22 years of marriage, we had three kids in three different states and have never lived in the south or on the east coast.

  224. Love this ring! Our family endures!! Doesn’t sound like fun but it truly is……we make the best of everything and realize it is up to make life and our roads thru it as good as we can make them. God didn’t promise easy, He promised it would be worth it and thru that we choose to endure and have fun!

  225. I feel blessed to have 4 sons, my oldest is on the spectrum…but he is so funny he makes us laugh every day

  226. Aimee (Logan Alexander (Aimee) says:

    I love my family! We have twin daughters and a son :)

  227. We are a family of seven and hope that our youngest two, from Haiti, can come home soon!

  228. Beautiful ring! We are a big Lego family! Looking forward to heading to the Lego Convention next month here in Indianapolis!

  229. Amanda Grace says:

    Our family loves the outdoors and we have an amazing 3 yr old that keeps us laughing everyday!

  230. Love the ring! My family is loud, crazy and sometimes inappropriate but we have a good time.

  231. My family (my 2 daughters age 5 & 2 and I) have a nightly dance party before their bath time!

  232. So neat! I want to get one for my mom — would be three rings for three kids.

  233. I love my family! My boys (3&5) are full of energy and love Legos!

  234. This would be a perfect symbol for my lil’ family of 3!

  235. Aimee (Logan Alexander (Aimee) says:

    Shared on my facebook – Logan Alexander (Aimee)

  236. My family includes two dog “children.”

  237. My family is awesome! We are a family of 5. My Husband is a Military Veteran currently attending our local police academy. We have 3 boys!! A 2 year old, and a set of 7 Month Old Twins that I stay home with!! It’s busy and difficult, but I wouldn’t trade my awesome family for anything! This ring would be an awesome symbol of our family!

  238. Nicole Toscano says:

    Were a navy family so I get the pleasure of spending my days with crazy little guys who are 1 & 3.

  239. Carly smith says:

    my family is currently separated, my hubby is heading for Afghanistan for a year next week. but my son and I are a team, have plans to take lots of trips and visit my nephews on Texas. family is what matters, who you can count on and who love you for you. thanks for this beautiful ring and giveaway :)

  240. We just became a family of 6 two weeks ago! 4 kids under 6 years old! Our favorite thing to do is go to Disneyland!!

  241. Janet Marberry says:

    We like to play 80’s music and dance, dance, dance!

  242. Lisa Weeden says:

    This is the cutest. Would love to have to represent my family of 4. My family means so much to me. They always have my back.

  243. We have a 2 year old little girl and a brand new baby girl! It’s so much fun having 2 of them :)

  244. Jesse Brower says:

    We welcomed baby boy #3 a few weeks ago and are loving getting to know him! Three boys under five! It is going to be a wild ride. :)

  245. Michelle Steward says:

    We are officially a family of 5 now! We finalized the adoption of our foster baby on Tuesday. I love the ring! What a great way to show off our growing family.

  246. This is a priceless piece! My husband and I are proud parents to 3 girls (9, 7 & 5) and are in the process of adopting!

  247. Alicia Feldman says:

    Our family of 5 loves to have fun listening and singing to music!

  248. well my ring would be rather small; just my husband and myself; but if you added my 70 plus cousins, 4 sisters and nieces/nephews I would have each finger covered in bands. Beautiful family ring however big or small.

  249. It seems my husband and I collect children from each state we live in. My daughter was born in VA, my son in MD, and in 3 days we will be welcoming our Pennsylvanian “souvenir” – another little boy! We better not have many more moves in our future! :-)

  250. My husband and I are in the process to be foster parents. We have only been married 3 years and do not have children of our own but we truly feel like this is something God has called us to. We will have children in our home by mid-April. I love the meaning behind this ring and binding people together to be a family – you do not have to be blood to be family. Such a beautiful presentation of that!

  251. I shared the ring on Instagram too!

  252. Dawn Sampson says:

    The Sampson Family
    We Make Every Moment Count

    Simply but Lovely, just like this ring

  253. Our family loves to chase the sunshine! Living in Belgium it’s rare that we see it, so we have our fun jumping on our bikes and soaking it in while it’s shining!

  254. Phinniesgirls says:

    When I was a little girl I always told me mom about my “3 daughters” and the adventures we would have together. It was always a joke that I was doomed to have boys b/c I had planned so much for my 3 girls. Turns out I was right, we have 3 beautiful girls just like I said we would!

  255. Traci Chandler says:

    We love our crazy, chaotic family of 6. With 3 girls and one boy we have a very loud, active family but love it!

  256. Megan mason says:

    In 2 years I went from being a single gal who never thought she’d find Mr Right, to the wife of an amazing man and mother to a beautiful baby girl. My life is the perfect example of God’s timing!

  257. Jesse Brower says:

    I shared your giveaway on fb! Pick me!

  258. Love this ring! And love being a momma to 2 sweet girls. Family is what it’s about!

  259. I have 2 teenagers, ages 15 and 19. Nuff said!!!!!! LOL

  260. Carly smith says:

    shared on Facebook

  261. My family is rough and rambunctious with 2 boys(5&3) big boy at heart daddy and our boy doggie too!

  262. We are a busy (like all others) family of 5….I work fulltime, we have a dairy farm, construction business, and our faith is front and center. I am going on my first mission trip this spring to Haiti! So much to be thankful for:)

  263. Jodi Wittmer says:

    I love my little family of 3, maybe we will try and grow that family some time soon!

  264. Ashley njirich says:

    My husband and I are extremely blessed! We have amazing kids that are our life!

  265. My family likes to laugh together. My husband is cheesy, and my kids are quirky! It keeps things interesting:)

  266. Susie Navarro says:

    My silly little family sings Neil Diamond songs together just about every time we are all in the car together. We cannot do this with Daddy, the kids won’t allow it.

  267. Andrea Machnee says:

    Beautiful ring! Our family loves to play games together and everyone is so competitive – but it’s all fun!

  268. Carly smith says:

    shared on Instagram

  269. After spending 7 years trying to get pregnant my husband I adopted twin boys in 2011. They are 3 years old now and I know that God was just waiting on my babies to be born. I thought my prayers were going unanswered, but He had His plan for me and my sweet boys were it!

  270. Entered, Tagged and Shared via Facebook & Instagram! 😉

  271. Something fun about my family… What about having a little brother 30 years youger than me? And my father marying my best friend?
    That was fun! At least for me. Having a best friend as a family member and mother of my baby brother is unique and special. :)
    The ring is wonderful!

  272. My family isn’t as fun as my husband’s family… My husband and his grandma have the same birthday, 55 years apart!

  273. Shared on Facebook! :)

  274. Retweeted on twitter! :)

  275. Suzanne Scott says:

    We struggled with infertility and finally got my little girl after several years of trying. Our little boy has been in a hurry to get here since he was conceived as a wonderful and unplanned surprise! We are so blessed by our little family.

  276. I am a mama to 4 little ones (11, 10, 7 and nearly 2) – his, hers and ours! I’ve been looking for something to wear to symbolize all of my kiddos and this is PERFECT…we often say that our littlest one (ours) was the tie that bound us all together! For fun – when we’re not running for soccer games – we are often in the woods! I try to teach the children the beauty of the world around them – we especially like to bird watch!

  277. Something fun: Our baby boy was born this week! We get custody on Monday. So fun!

  278. karen phillips says:

    As an adoptive momma, this ring is so beautiful to me. We may not all be bound by blood, but we are by love:) Gorgeous ring!

  279. I LOVE this ring!! Something fun about my family…we sing! Some days, anything that is said can be turned into a song. Either one that exists, or one made up on the spot (those are usually the best)! Each of my 4 kids has a special song featuring their name that I made up for them as babies as well.

  280. Adele McPherson says:

    Love this ring!!! Our family believes that laughter is the best medicine, and we’ve got plenty to go around :-)

  281. Something fun about my family is that we love adventures! Whether it is biking, hiking, or sleeping under the stars, we really enjoy being outside.

  282. I love the sentiment of this ring! Even living 1,000 miles apart, love still binds family together!

  283. karen phillips says:

    Fb liked

  284. We have 4 little girls: ages 4,2 and identical twins turning one next week!!

  285. This is just so elegantly beautiful. I love how simple and sweet it is. I would love one, but would need 6 rings tied together since there are us and 4 children. <3

  286. Zolona Rader says:

    Beautiful! I have three lovely daughters that are my life! : )

  287. christina shaffer says:

    Love this ring! We as a family love the Lord and try to walk in faith as we grow together!

  288. We bleed DUKE blue and Cardinal red at our house…guess we are purple blood folk!

  289. Leslie Mills says:

    After 4 miscarriages we were finally blessed with a wonderful little boy- who isn’t so little anymore- he will be 4 next month!!! One of my favorite things to do for him is special baths- Christmas theme, Valentine theme, Easter theme and Olympic theme!! I decorate the mirror, the tub surround and often color the water…makes for great pictures to decorate my bathroom!!!

  290. My 5 year old daughter and I are a team and each day is a new experience filled with lots of smiles, laughs and fun times. Love making memories with her. : )

  291. We have 4 boys and 1 girl and so our house is loud and crazy, we like to play “smash game” (our version of wrestling), go hiking, watch movies and play games. Love this ring and would love to own it!

  292. Love this ring! I have a unique family with different personalities – but we all love each other and get along great.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  293. We currently have two sweet baby girls- one by birth and one by adoption and we’re looking forward to having more little ones sometime in the future!

  294. We celebrate all birthdays – gram, gramp, sisters, brothers, kiddos, you name it! Food, fun, little gifts, and lots of laughter!

  295. My husband and I met 10 years ago on Valentine’s Day :)

  296. Alli McCague says:

    We just started our family… Our son Miles is one month old and he is pure delight!

  297. I just have 10 in my family. My parents, my 5 siblings, and my husband and I. I currently play professional golf and if it wasn’t for the love and support from my family, traveling and playing the sport of my dreams wouldn’t be possible!

  298. I believe in miracles and have three- my kids!!!! My husband is pretty darn amazing too!

  299. My family is hilarious. I have a three year old redheaded who is a live wire, but she also makes life so fun!

  300. Laura Jones says:

    In my family, we always tell each other “I love you more than a one armed fisherman!”

  301. We’re a family of four that is sick of this Minnesota winter!

  302. Alli McCague says:

    Just posted and tagged on Instagram! [private account]

  303. Stacey Wians says:

    I love this ring. I have a necklace from Vintage Pearl with my son’s name on it….”Jack”. He just turned 2 in January and is the best thing to ever happen to me!

  304. Shared it on Facebook! I’d love to win it!!

  305. We are welcoming baby number 2 in April.

  306. we are a perfect little family of four – mom and dad – brother and sister. Can’t imagine life any other way…even on those crazy days :)

  307. I need this!!! My family is made up of 2 girls, 6 and 4.5 and 2 boys, 3 and 3 months. We love going on family hikes around our family property and going on roadtrips. I love this ring!!!

  308. Alli McCague says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  309. Alli McCague says:

    Posted + tagged on twitter! Yay!

  310. Shared on facebook!

  311. Chelsea Mckiernan says:

    We’re a family of 6! My hubby and I were 19 & 22 when we got married 10.5 years ago! Now we have 2 boys and 2 girls..8,7,5 & 2! We also love Disney!!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to sport this gorgeous TVP ring!!!

  312. (Commented on facebook too.) :)

  313. Julie Berry says:

    We have two boys and one is my Carbon copy and one I my husbands! It is hysterical (and a little scary) to watch our boys and see ourselves! What a gift!

  314. I am a mom to a 7 year old boy, 4 year old little girl, and 9 month old baby boy. Enjoying being a party of 5. Our family loves playing games, movie nights, and watching the kids sporting events. We are always on the go and wouldn’t change our crazy busy days for anything. Love this ring and what it represents.

  315. Polly Brown says:

    I love things that say a lot without having to say a lot… if that makes sense. :o) This ring is beautiful! Well, my husband, my three year old daughter, and I just moved to San Jose, Costa Rica on January 8th to be missionaries and will be adding a baby boy to our family sometime in the next week or so (hopefully!). This ring would be a nice, little gift to myself! :o)

  316. I’m the only girl in a house full of loveable boys. Wouldn’t change it!

  317. Shared on Facebook!!!

  318. Crystal Brewer says:

    Our family is small- just the three of us but we’re happy!

  319. Our family loves to watch silly internet videos together. We are often cracking up at adorable kittens. :)

  320. We just became a family if 5, and our new little guy was a Christmas present. Our bigger family is having fun figuring it all out together :)

  321. My family of four (will be 5 any day now!) loves to play board games together and go on bike rides at the park.

  322. Our family is so much more than the people who live in our house. we include our friends, neighbors and pets too.

  323. Jamie simon says:

    We love to smile and have fun outdoors! Never a dull moment! Laughter really is the best medicine 😀

  324. My family of five is AWESOME!!!! We are a pastors family, and consider all that enter our home and ministry a part of our family too. This ring is beautiful!

  325. Traci hendrickson says:

    Love our loud family of five. My hubby is outnumbered

  326. My family loves to be active outdoors.

  327. Family is what life is all about! I have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children. Beautiful ring!

  328. Love this ring!!! After many years of struggling with infertility, the Lord blessed us with twin girls via IVF. A few years later, we found out I was pregnant (with no treatments!) and we welcomed our third daughter. We decided three was perfect a few weeks before finding out I was pregnant again…another precious baby girl. God is good and makes all things beautiful in His time. Oh, how we love our “Little Women!”

  329. Kasey james says:

    I love this! Coming soon my best friends family and I will become closer than ever as we begin our journey of surrogacy. I will be her surrogate and a baby will bond us together forever! We each have 3 year old boys who are best friends just like their mommas! We are family in our hearts <3 we love to spend special moments together, play dates, and enjoy each others company! This ring would be PERFECT!! :)

  330. Everyone in my family loves to sing. We make up songs and break out in song at random times. I love to sing loud in the car and embarrass my kids :)

  331. My family loves to get together. Even though my husband and my parents are both divorced, we can all get together as one big family and have fun. Love the ring!

  332. I’m a homeschooling mama to 3 (7, 6, 4) girls and 1 little guy (17 months)who is adored by all!

  333. Jillian Anderson says:

    I am a wife and mother of a little 2 year old boy and another little boy is about to arrive in 6 weeks! I love this ring and it is a great reminder of us all sticking together. So blessed by God and our family!!

  334. Our family serves in the US Air Force (a family supports/follows the serve member). In addition, our fathers, grandfathers and uncles, as well as my step-mom have served. Thus freedom is our family’s profession.

  335. Our family loves the outdoors! Even winter. :-)

  336. Liked and shared on Facebook. :)

  337. My family means the world to me! After my husband and I got married, my parents moved across the street from us. Now we get to have Sunday dinner together each week, which I cherish! This ring would represent having my family close by, both physically and in my heart! (also shared on Facebook and retweeted!)

  338. katherine brewer says:

    Beautiful ring, love what it represents! Love my family…tomorrow we are all headed out on a sleigh ride. One bonus of all the snow we got this winter!

  339. We are a “blended” fun family who *loves* spending time together playing games, camping, cooking, etc.! We have taught our kids to love and care for one another regardless of how our family was formed! Love ALL of them!

  340. If I don’t win it I am ordering it! I have been looking for some simple, stackable bands for my right ring finger for at least a year to represent my family! I am in love with the sentiment of this ring!

  341. We LOVE being goofy together! I’m the oldest with two younger brothers who I miss so much while I’m away at college!

  342. I love this ring! I am the only female, surrounded by loud, boisterous sons and a husband! Only when it’s quiet that I know they are up to something =)

  343. We are about to start a new chapter in our family…new career, new home, new city.

  344. I have a new grandson….would love to win!

  345. We love to have dance parties together. Could be at home, could be at the grocery store….depends on the mood! So much fun!

  346. katherine brewer says:

    Shared on Facebook :)

  347. My first marriage fell apart when my beautiful little girl was just 4 months old. After years of praying for restoration for my family, God revealed to me that He had been restoring my heart. I was healed and whole. Then came Rob. The most amazing man on earth, with 3 incredible kids. We are now a family of 6; living, loving, growing, laughing, learning. We are truly a miracle. What the enemy meant to harm, God turned into GOOD. That ring is a beautiful symbol of a bound together family.

  348. We live in south Louisiana and we go to every single parade possible–rain, snow, heat, whatever. It builds memories we cherish all year long. Who doesn’t love a good parade?

  349. My husband, 4 kids and I love to go boating together. We bought a boat last summer and were out on it almost every weekend last summer. It’s something for us all to do together and we all enjoy it. We do a lot of laughing and just have fun. Summer can’t get here fast enough. This Michigan winter is no fun. I would love the “golden tie that binds” ring to remind how close our family is and how much fun we have together.

  350. I love this ring so much!! There is four in our family and we hope to adopt one day! What a beautiful representation this is!

  351. Heather Quist says:

    Love this! Our family is adjusting to life with mom back at work after maternity leave!

  352. My family loves a good dance party. Thanks for the great giveaway. LOVE this ring!

  353. Our family is going on our first trip to the beach (in florida) next week. My daughter is so excited to fly and build a sand castle.

  354. In our family, the people (3) are outnumbered by the wee dachshund dogs (4). No one goes dog-less (even if they want to).

  355. My 3 grown sons gave me your vintage locket for Christmas. Proud mama!

  356. I LOVE this piece ! I love the style and that there is meaning behind it.

  357. Melissa Potter says:

    My family is perfect, perfectly ridiculous. :) I am grateful for them every single joy-filled day.

  358. Stephanie M says:

    We are about to add family member #4 next month :)

  359. Hi there! I LOVE this ring, and the idea behind it. My husband and I have one 16-month-old daughter, and our favorite thing to do as a family at the moment is to have a pillow party in our living room. We grab all the pillows in our horse, cover up in warm blankets, and watch movies together. It’s a great time!

  360. Our family is soon to be a family of five!!! My sweet husband loves his step daughters as his own and we have a baby girl on the way! I love this ring because it represents the love that binds us together.

  361. April Durward says:

    We all have a horrible sense or humor! :) We laugh at the dumbest jokes.

  362. Breanne Samples says:

    Or family of 6 is always fun to be with. We always say that wherever we go we bring the party with us! :-)

  363. The rings are a symbol of my siblings. There are 6 of us and we are united into one happy family. We are still very close.

  364. Rebecca royce says:

    I have two kiddos – 7 and 2 and one on the way! My 7 year old is my bonus baby as his mommy died when he was 2. We are loving life and getting ready for #3!

  365. Adoption is the Golden Tie that binds our family together. We are blessed every day by our two little Sterling Rings ;0 )
    What a beautiful symbol you’ve created! I’d be proud to wear it!

  366. Looking forward to my youngest graduating from college

  367. We are a family of 5 and we like to be silly together. Nothing gets my kids laughing harder than potty humor, even the 2 year old. Although, it makes me cringe a little. :)

  368. Jenna Tresolini says:

    My fiancé and I started dating when I was 16 and he was 18. When we unexpectedly got pregnant, he promised, that he would always be there for me and our daughter Christina. 6 years later and we have a place of our own and are saving up for a wedding!

  369. Crystal Brewer says:

    Posted on Facebook

  370. We are a tight family of 5, gracious for all God has given us. We are living our dream in the country, raising our boys and our fun brood of animals. God is good!

  371. Stephanie Bishop says:

    This ring would be a beautiful way to represent our combined family. My husband has a daughter from his previous marriage and I have 3 from mine and a few months ago we welcomed a daughter together!

  372. Brenda carlson says:

    Love this ring! Love my family time together. Favorite part of the day is reading books before bedtime, all 4 of us snuggled in my son’s twin bed.:)

  373. My mom just got 30 chicks by mail order and has them in an old swimming pool in her living room. 4 of the chick died because of the post office being closed on President’s day. She plans on raising them for eggs.

  374. My family is always my number 1 priority! I love them and love being with them. My husband is recovering from a bout of pneumonia and my son has been sick too. Hopefully this weekend will be more fun than the last and we will get to go do something fun even if it is just going out to eat or a movie or something! We are kind of all suffering from Cabin Fever!!!!

  375. Crystal Brewer says:

    Shared on twitter

  376. Family of 4, one 2 year old boy and one 4 month old girl, who also happens to be the first girl in 64 years on my husbands side, to say she is spoiled is an understatement. The most fun we have is watching our children interact, they say and do the funniest things, and as a mother this interaction is what family truly means. A loving bond that will never be broken! I just adore this ring and uniqueness and simplicity of it, which basically somewhat sums up my family! Cheers to the “golden tie that binds”!

  377. Breanne Samples says:

    Shared on facebook too!

  378. We did a missions trip to Haiti and came back full of love and many memories

  379. Love this ring, so simple and so sweet! Something fun….well, my 11 year old daughter’s robotics team has just qualified for the world tournament in CA, this will be our first trip to that state!

  380. Kacy Southerland says:

    My family looks a little different now than it did just a few years ago. I am the first member of my biological group to leave Oklahoma. I love and miss them, but family is something new to me now. I have the love of my incredible man, Sean, and the love of a little ball of barking fuzz named Boss. With all 3 of us being transplants in our state, our bond is stronger than I thought a bond could be. We take care of each other, support each other, and laugh too much together. My family is new and different, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  381. I LOVE this ring! :) We are a crazy family of 9…3 darlings through adoption. :)

  382. Diana St. Louis says:

    We are a military family. My husband serves in the Marine Corps. We have a four year old son, a 2 week old baby girl and two precious angels in heaven.

  383. Each of my three boys looks totally different from the other! People can’t believe they are related!

  384. A few of our favorite things to do as a family are have family movie night with popcorn and wrestle (aka pillow fight) with our three kids on our big king bed. 😉

  385. Crystal Brewer says:

    Shared on Instagram

  386. We love road trips. Yes, it can get long and boring sometimes for our 2 kids but there is no better way to get to see the diversity of our country. They are learning to appreciate our country.

  387. Our family of 3 is about to turn into 4 and we couldn’t be more excited!

  388. I’m a stay at home mom with an almost 5 year old, an almost 3 year old, & baby #3 on the way with a husband who travels a lot this time of year for his job. We are simple people who enjoy living our quiet, but sometimes crazy life in the country on our 11 acres with 3 horses, 1 giant mule, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 10 chickens.

  389. My family of of 5 or 6 including our Doodle. We love to go camping! Great memories!

  390. What an absolutely gorgeous design! Love my little family so much and we’re gearing up to welcome our 3rd little one in just a few weeks! So excited to meet him!

  391. We started a tradition of family night during the year we lived in Mexico. It’s our favorite night of the week where we play a board game, go out for a hike, watch a movie, have a family scavenger hunt, or something that’s just fun. And it’s always a great time for all five of us to be together!

  392. Diana St. Louis says:

    Shared on Facebook

  393. After 4 losses, our family is ow complete with our two little boys! So blessed and will never forget our angel babies!

  394. I tweeted about the give away

  395. It’s Friday, so my husband and the kids “adventure sleep” tonight… they camp out in a different room of the house every Friday night & I get a little quiet time for myself :)

  396. Emily Lewis says:

    My heart just skipped a beat when I saw this ring! Love it!! We have six amazing kids- 1 in heaven and 5,ages 4-18 , here. With our crazy dynamics we are always trying to keep our kids feeling connected to each other and our favorite way is depending time together outdoors- hiking, camping and going to the lake where the age differences fade away and we all have a great time together!

  397. I have 7 children: 3 birth, 3 fostered and adopted (siblings), and we are currently fostering (long term) the 7th! We do EVERYTHING together!

  398. Kristen DeMarino says:

    Mom to two boys. Some days it’s like rock em’ sock em’ robots, but I truly wouldn’ t have it any other way! They stole my heart!

  399. 2013 was a year that tested our faith and our family but the strength of both sustained us. Our 26 year old daughter, Lindsey, was in Spain living with a family to teach their children english, and on a holiday weekend fell over 6 stories to a marble floor. The miracle was that she survived. She was in a coma for 1 month there before we could even medivac her home to the US and then in the hospital for 3 more months. She has a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, the worst you could have, but has miraculously continued to recover and has had to learn to walk, talk, swallow, eat, etc. The love and God based faith of our family of four (we have a son also) as well as our extended family and friends have given us unbelievable support and we are closer than ever before…..knowing what is truly important in life.

  400. My family is currently celebrating some terrific news; after 5 years of trying to have another child, we just found out we are pregnant! My 6 year old daughter and husband are just as excited as I am!!! Miracles really do happen!!!

  401. Diana St. Louis says:

    Shared on Instagram

  402. We have a 4 year old and an 18 month old, so they keep things pretty fun around here. But we have the added bonus of getting ready for kindergarten!!

  403. Katie Carson says:

    We just became a family of 4, exactly 7 weeks ago today, when our twins were born!

  404. I am a single mother raising two small boys, who are the center of my world. I never dreamt I’d be in this position and they, and my faith that God has a plan for us all, have kept me going through the hard times. They make me smile and laugh each and every day! To wear a ring that signifies these two would be special.

  405. We are a family of five, hoping to be blessed with more babes one day!! We homeschool and recently became members of the proverbial minivan sorority. Crazy over here.

  406. I also shared on Facebook: Dana Snyder Suggs

  407. Lisa Steele says:

    My family of four has 19 Es in our names.

  408. I have an unusual family. I of course have the core of my parents and my brother. I also have been blessed with two roommates that have become my family unit since my divorce. These guys have become the best friends/ brothers I never expected. I have truly learned the meaning of love, life and family from these five individuals and I would not trade them for anything!

  409. Jessica Bloodsworth says:

    Mom of a beautiful little boy that grew in my heart for years. We love to spend time giggling at each other.

  410. Our family of 7 always has something fun going on! We homeschool so I keep super busy.

  411. The ladies in my family are all coffee drinkers. My mom will say to us, “Do you want to celebrate the moments?!” That’s her queue for….Do you want to have coffee. There’s something that ties us together when we sit down over a cup of Java and talk about life!

  412. I love spending time at home with my parents and sister. Making dinner is always fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  413. Jessica Bloodsworth says:

    Shared on FB!

  414. Sarah Loutchaninoff says:

    Love it! My husband and I have a 4 year old little girl, Izzy. She loves to steal my jewelry and would love to steal this! Hahaha! :)

  415. We are a family of seven. My oldest just realized yesterday that he is 20 years and 2 weeks older than the youngest. :)

  416. Chelsea Ingram says:

    I’m a momma to a precious 15 month old boy and about to welcome another baby boy to our growing family in a few short weeks!

  417. What a gorgeous piece, I would be so proud to wear it! My family is fun because we love to travel & do things together around our hometown.

  418. My parents, brother and SIL, and my niece are my closest family and we love to do things together and go on vacations.

  419. I shared on facebook!

  420. Katie Carson says:

    Tweeted! (@kateannsby)

  421. My hubby and I have 3 kids we adore and also my mom ( who we adore too) in our family. It’s one awesome sloppy mess!

  422. My hubby and I met on eHarmony. Whenever the commercials are on we tell our kids our story. We have a 4 and 6 year old.

  423. I absolutely love this ring. Perfect for this empty nester mom. Even though we don’t live under the same roof, I love it when we all get together with kids and grandkids. My favorite is listening to the guys jam on harmonicas

  424. Heather Van Galder says:

    My oldest can sing the words to “Feliz Navidad” and is still singing it in February!

  425. I shared on instagram and used hash tag #vintagepearl

  426. Anna Wilson says:

    We really are bound together! We pray and then play together everyday!

  427. Autumn Stallings says:

    I have a 3 year old boy with a crazy imagination and tons of energy…and I just had a beautiful little girl who is the most laid back and sweetest baby…God knew I needed an easy second child. Nine days into life as a family of 4 and e are already loving it :)

  428. Shared on FB!

  429. Jennie Fazekas says:

    Our family of five is a blended family-we have each others backs no matter what, and we grow closer to each other every day!

  430. We are a blended family of eight. My four children along with his two.
    They range in age from 21 (tomorrow!), 18, 17, 14, 14 & 8!
    It’s always busy around us with everything we do… and never a full moment!

  431. I tweeted :)

  432. We are expecting our 5th child. Even years, such as 2014, are even years for our anniversary and kids ages – 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, and new born. :-)

  433. Heather Van Galder says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  434. This ring is just perfect! My highschool sweetheart & I had a surprise early completion of our family.Perfect and healthy baby girl #3 arrived in October :)

  435. We love spending time together. Whether it is camping, playing games, or watching a movie, we love spending quality time together having fun.

  436. Ashley Bullington says:

    Hello there! I can not tell you how hectic having a house full of bouncing little girls is, but somehow we manage to make it work. We have four beautifully unique little girls (ages: 8, 6, and twin 3 year old’s). Their Daddy serves his country proudly, but often that means he is far away from us for months on end. Somehow our sweet girls muster up the courage and faith and pull through each and every time. Over the past years we have grown stronger as a family due to these separations. I guess what I am trying to say is, our “fun and extraordinary fact” is that our bond is unbreakable, and that is proven even in our youngest children’s spirit <3
    The Bullington Family

  437. My mom had three grandchildren and each grandchild has three kiddos – making a total of NINE great-grandchildren for my mom (she passed away on Thanksgiving.)
    Love this ring!

  438. Katie Carson says:

    Shared on fb

  439. Katie Carson says:

    Shared on IG

  440. My sweet family of 5 keeps me on my toes! Lots of laughter fill these 4 walls. I am one blessed momma <3

  441. My little family is VERY non traditional. I’m a single mom but co-parent well with my ex husband and his new wife. My sons stepmother is amazing! I could not have picked a more beautiful, loving, accepting woman to have in my sons life (along with her own children). We do life together, A LOT. Even when it’s my sons “turn” to be at his dad’s house for holidays, I am welcome. We have spent the last several Thanksgivings together, being thankful for the fact that we (myself and my ex) have been able to put the past behind us and live life in a way that our son is raised in a very loving, healthy home. Being on a single mom budget, I haven’t been able to provide anything for her when she made sure that my son had a gift for me (like doing “photo shoots” with my son to make me a personalized calendar for Valentine’s – WHO does that for the ex-wife?!). I would love to win this ring for my son to give his stepmom. Simply because many times (especially in the beginning when I was not ready to forgive), she was literally “the tie that binds” for our new family unit. Thanks!

  442. Our boy girl twins turn one on Sunday! It would be such a great representation of my family.

  443. My immediate family is made up of six children – five girls and one boy! Even our dog is a female.

  444. This ring is amazing! My daughter is about to turn 1! She is getting to the really fun stage of saying more words and interacting. Her brother loves to play with her. My husband & I have a blast watching them together!

  445. Ashley Bullington says:

    Shared on facebook! (tagged twice lol)

  446. Christina in NC says:

    my husband & I enjoy taking our two sons to various comic book conventions. we have traveled to MD, OH, NC, VA, GA, and so many other places. we love traveling and exploring new cities (and places to eat!) while spending time together.
    btw, the stacked rings are beautiful!!

  447. My family is changing as my two grow up. Last week, one got her drivers license and my son kissed a girl for the first time. Shed a tear or two that day. My children are wonderful and I am trying to embrace this new stage of “childhood”.

  448. Julie Twedt says:

    I love the beautiful simplicity of this ring! A fun fact about my family is that we are blessed to be living in the home that my great-great grandfather homesteaded when he came from Norway in 1872. It’s an honor to raise our four children in the very home where my grandfather and mother were born.

  449. So sweet and simple I love it. Living w/ my husband is like living w/ Jonny Carson. My two boys are the light of my life. My second is an IVF baby and I can’t imagine life w/o him. Thank goodness for the the miracle of science.

  450. Ashley Bullington says:

    Shared link!

  451. I have 3 under 5 and my husband and I both work. So every Friday we have family night. No phones, no computer. Just the 5 of us. I look forward to it every week! Tonight we are making pizza and playing candy land.

  452. A mother of three a 15 year old, 4 year old, & 1 year old! Life at our house is crazy crazy! With a husband that works 24hours as a firefighter and then on to another 24hours on the ambulance I’m living the life as a single mom! We love the 24 hours we spend with him every three days but aside from that we are running like crazy! From sports, to church, and everything in between. Family and friends say they don’t know how I do it I say u just have to laugh and cherish every single moment! That ring would just signify those moments for a lifetime! Love!

  453. My family is extremely close, all within a few miles of each other with the exception of one brother. My family of five sees their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles a few times a week, if not everyday. It is amazing to have ties to family be so close (emotionally and geographically).

  454. Carie Austin says:

    I never thought I would meet my husband at church, but that is where I saw him for the first time! It is a wonderful story when we tell our children that each Sunday we get to go to the place where Mommy and Daddy met for the first time! Brings back such great emotion! Especially since I’m now pregnant with our fourth child! We have all girls so far! So I’m interested to see what gender this baby will be! Either way, our family is FOREVER!

  455. Shared on FB!

  456. Been married since 2001, we have two kiddos and my husband just came back from a year deployment to Afghanistan. We are surely enjoying our time back together!!

  457. Family is the center of our world. We have 3 kiddos that light up our world.

  458. 2014 brings many changes for our family of 6, like the oldest child graduating high school and leaving home for college and the youngest starting kindergarten. My heart can’t decide how it should feel, excited, scared and sad all at the same time.

  459. Jessica coleman says:

    LOVE this ring. We have 4 kids ages 3-8and we are a swimming family. Any lake, river or pool we’ll be there. Hopefully one day we’ll make it somewhere tropical to swim!

  460. Just tweeted. I <3 your jewelry. That's a heart, right?

  461. I am a single mother of the best kid around. I work in childcare so have many “kids” that aren’t even mine. Children are a passion of mine and I would love to own this piece to show that to everyone! :)

  462. Jessica coleman says:

    Shared on Facebook

  463. Kara Barrington says:

    My World aka My Family: Our wedding date, the date we started dating, all of our kids birthdays all have a 7 or 11 in them. My fav numbers! Also, all 3 girls’ names incl myself start with K and all of the boys start with J including my step-son!

  464. Courtenay Crocombe says:

    My family loves to help others…we also love a good adventure!

  465. Kara Barrington says:

    I clicked the “like” button on the post to share on FB!

  466. My 6 year old son will be dressing up as Obi-Wan and playing the Star Wars theme at his piano recital next month!

  467. I’m a mommy to two wonderful littles. I couldn’t do it without my wonderful hubby.

  468. Carie Austin says:
  469. So simple but beautiful! Love my precious boys – my two sons (5 and 2 1/2) and my husband are all music lovers, and it’s amazing when we’re driving somewhere to hear them all sing at the top of their lungs! =]

  470. It has been a hard year for my family. My 4 sisters and I lost our beautiful and amazing mother this past year. The amazing part about it is that it has brought us closer together than we have ever been! Missing my mom…

  471. Sommer Mabe says:

    I was a single parent of 2 amazing boys their entire young lives. It was an interesting experience but one that I wouldn’t change for the world. Now they are grown and off on their own so I’m trying my hand at marriage for the first time. I guess doing things backwards works for me!

  472. LOVE this ring. It matches my wedding rings (with the 2 tones) perfectly! My family is my husband and 2 kids (4 and 1). In this case I wish I had more kids to make my ring bigger :) I love wide bands. Within the last year we have had a child, moved to a different city and my husband has a new job as a pastor. We are blessed. For Valentine’s day we took flowers and homemade cards to the widows of our church. Some of my favorite times as a family come from helping others.

  473. Family of 5-3 crazy, busy, wonderful boys. Married 17 years and more in love with my man now than ever!

  474. Beautiful! This would be perfect to got with my other Vintage Pearl jewelry!

  475. What a great ring! I have also have a family of 5 (3 little ones and us), 7 if you coult the two dogs – it’s busy but fun!

  476. We have fun exploring the national parks in our area with our girls.

  477. Single Mom to 2 AMAZING kids and 1 ADORABLE lab puppy.
    Life is crazy busy and filled with lotsa love and our faith is
    the tie that binds!!

  478. Our beautiful little girl arrived 17 years after we were married, and our life has been one big exciting awesome adventure ever since. We did pretty well as a couple, but we’re even better as a family of three. This ring is a fabulous representation of our new normal. I love it!

  479. I instagrammed about your new ring. :)

  480. There’s only three of us so far but it’s
    top secret there may be a 4th soon!

  481. Our little family of four are big animal lovers. We currently have a dog (Rikku), 2 ducks, and 10 chickens.

  482. We love to laugh and have fun. We regularly have “family fun nights” where we rotate through the family who gets to choose what we do for the night. Even our three year old gets his pick when it’s his turn. One of our most fun family nights was when he said he wanted to blow bubbles and wear hats. So we all grabbed different fun hats and played in our driveway with the bubbles. I’m sure we looked silly to neighbors, but we had a blast!

  483. Shared on FB!!

  484. We LOVE the water! Water skiing, wake boarding, swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, you name it, we love it!

  485. Bethany Lemaster says:

    My family loves to play board games

  486. Shared on Facebook. =]

  487. Christina in NC says:

    Shared on Instagram! (follower with private account – christinabellsmith)

  488. My husband and I have two boys who are 19 and 21. They are both living at home and attending local colleges. We love having them around and interacting with them as adults now. We cherish the times when they still want to hang out with us and admire the people that they are becoming. When they are gone from home, this ring can be a reminder to me that we will always have each other no matter where they are living.

  489. Brittany Johnson says:

    We adopted our first baby and love the idea of unity!

  490. We are a family of five with three wonderful teenage sons! A fun fact about our family …. last summer we took a 2 week trip to Peru and spent 4 days on the Inca Trail Trek hiking to Machu Picchu – The lost city of the Incas! It was an incredible experience and great to spend family time together. Plus, no cell phones!

  491. My family is amazing! :)

  492. my husband and i share our day to day with our 3 littles… our 4 yr sensory girl – our 3 yr old cowboy and our 2 year old firefly! and our hearts are also across the states with my 12 yr old stepdaughter that we don’t see enough! family is such a gift! (and these rings are a gorgeous reminder!)

  493. My family is amazing. We love each other so much, but we’re getting ready to go through a transition as our oldest daughter leaves for college this fall. We are going to miss her TONS…this ring would be great so that I could always have a little piece of her on my hand. :)

  494. Jennifer Gomez says:

    The strength and love that my husband and I have for each other and for God holds our family together and makes us great parents to our little girl who is turning one in March!!

  495. Shared on FB

  496. My family life is full of sweet kiddos that make me feel special each and every day. I am blessed.

  497. Heather Hornaman says:

    #thevintagepearl @thevintagepearl I would love to win this ring. My family is made up many individual parts like this ring but we are one family. I have a son from a previous marriage, 2 biological sons with my husband/best friend and together we adopted our then infant son from foster care. Years ago I sold my wedding ring to pay a few bills and I would live a ring like this to symbolize our stories and how far we’ve come . Way better than a replacement wedding band!

  498. My family consists of a husband and three cats! Let me tell ya… there is NEVER a dull moment around here!!! :)

  499. My husband has decided he wants more babies! That’s pretty crazy!

  500. I am outnumbered! My husband and two boys are my world, bodily function conversations and all. At this point I wouldnt even know what to do if I had a daughter! :)
    Im thinking about getting a female dog just to level the playing field. 😉

  501. shirley taylor says:

    My husband of 38years is one of a kind.
    He and our daughter took me to a nice restaurant for my sixtieth birthday,and he stood up to tell the room my age,then proceeded to sing the last verse of the Star Spangled Banner!
    My daughter and I could’ve crawled under the table,BUT that’s my hubby!

  502. Kristi Jennings says:

    The gold tie that binds our family of 4 is Jesus Christ. Without Him nothing holds together.

  503. We just became a family of four– Brielle Hope joined us in January and Daddy’s really outnumbered now 😉

  504. Janelle Perkins says:

    My family plays a game in the morning where daddy’s socks become Sock-man and he kisses and eats our faces and steals our breakfast before putting him “to bed” on daddy’s foot. He has a theme song and everything!

  505. Angelica Hedges says:

    My husband forgot to call his dad on his birthday, so now its turned
    Into a tradition where he calls him and sends his birthday card a day
    After his birthday, my girls think it’s sad as to why he’s done thst for
    Last 10 years.

  506. Aimee Hensley says:

    We have 2 kids, one on earth and one in Heaven.

  507. My family LOVES to have Wii competitions. We race mario kart, bowl, tennis and such. It’s a great activity to do on cold or rainy days. We also love to go to the tennis courts. We are AWFUL but have so much fun!

  508. Janelle Perkins says:

    Shared on FB! :)

  509. I LOVE this!!! My family is what keeps me grounded. A fun thing about my family is that our dog Bailey “gives” gifts and cards for all holidays.

  510. Allie Potts says:

    My family is young and just starting out. It includes David and our dog Rocky, we are all college students at OSU (yes including Rocky). We truly bleed orange and love showing off Rocky’s tricks to anyone who will watch! He knows sit, down, shake, high five, crawl, place, up, beg, rollover, and is starting to work on catching a frisbee!

  511. Staci singleton says:

    I’m 21 and recently moved half way across the country from all of my family except one sister who is close by. It is so hard to be so far away from them, but we have lots of Skype dates which are super important to keep up with the 9 and 11 year old little sisters of mien :)

  512. Marnie Halliday says:

    We love to laugh. Every time my siblings and I get together we laugh so hard we cry. My favorite time was when we put grapes under our top lips and tried speaking. My sister lost her grapes and slid to the floor laughing so hard. I have the best photo of it. One of my favorite memories!

  513. 3 boys, 1 husband, 1 boy dog. Lots of action in our house of boys but I love it all! (except the smells)

  514. Stacie Dahlin says:

    My husband, myself, and our 2 girls are all tall. My 12 year old is already 5′ 8″ :)

  515. Jennifer Sauer says:

    This ring is amazing, like it binds love together. My little family consists of my husband, daughter and I. We love to try many different types of food, and whenever hubby and I cook, our daughter puts on the show “Chopped” and rates our dinners. It’s always a barrel of laughs and a great time to bond and share our day together.

  516. Charlene in SC says:

    Our family has dwindled … but there is much love!

  517. Jennifer Cashin says:

    Our family is spending ANOTHER snow day together. We are planning our family movie night for tonight when Dad gets home safely.

  518. Jennifer Cashin says:
  519. the picture perfect family….hubby, me, son, daughter, dog and cat living in a farmhouse by the creek. inside that farmhouse on the creek we have our quirks, battles, giggles, and love that runs deeper than our fights!!

  520. Tiffany Torres says:

    My husband and I were both in the Navy and meet while we were stationed aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. I always tell people it was destiny because before choosing orders for the Eisenhower, I had chosen orders for the Nimitz (which for those of you who don’t know is docked on the opposite side of the country, in California). After being told just how expensive California living could be, I opted to be stationed on the Eisenhower in Virginia. That was back in 2008, and we have since then had a little boy. The rest is history :-)

  521. I love this ring! I have 6 people in my family, me and the hubs, and 4 kiddos. Here’s the fun part – two sets of twins! They are 10 and 8, 3 girls, one boy! We have a lot of drama in our house, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  522. Mary Burger says:

    Our family of 4 has a slight obsession with stuffed animals. I think mom and dad may even have more than the kids 😉

  523. My family has a weekly make your own pizza night. We love to go for bike rides to our local farmers market on Saturday mornings. And movie nights and dnxe parties on rainy days here in Seattle are my favorite!

  524. Love everything about my perfect 4

  525. Natalie Isaac says:

    I LOVE this ring and what it entails! We have a 6, 5 & 2 year old and just had twin baby girls 2 1/2 weeks ago. It is crazy but so worth it. I would love this ring!

  526. Would love this beautiful piece to wear as we welcome our 4th daughter in April! Our 4 girls will all be teenagers at the same time one day – 13, 15, 17, & 18! Prayers for my husband appreciated! 😉

    • Forgot this little detail – so far, each of our daughters were born on the 22nd of their birthday month. And we’re due with this one on the 21st! Here’s hoping!

  527. Lauren Ridener says:

    We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our 2nd daughter…expected within the next week :)

  528. Stephanie W says:

    My family of 4 loves to laugh together. Beautiful ring!

  529. Maureen Farber says:

    I would love to give this ring to my niece as a birthday present next month. She just lost her Mom to cancer and it would be an awesome symbol that she remains the tie that binds their family together and that she is forever with them. God bless you for creating these awesome pieces of jewelry!

  530. Amy McFarlane says:

    We just had our 3rd baby and I would love to win this ring!!

  531. I inherited 4 wonderful children when I got married. After years of trying, we finally had another baby. He has united my family in ways I didn’t know could happen. Everyone adores him! My five kids provide all the fun this mama could ask for!
    PS- The ring is amazing! It defines how I feel about my family better than an piece of jewelry I’ve seen yet!

  532. My family loves being together…whether it being outside playing or inside snuggling!

  533. I am a proud mama of 5. Yesterday in the car on the way to school my 4 yr. old said to her siblings: you want some ice for that burn? Seriously, the baby?

  534. We love to have “dance offs” to my favorite 80’s tunes!

  535. Mandy Burnett says:

    I grew up in a family of 5 (my dad, mom, 2 brothers, and I). Then, on March 2, 2010, my dad passed away unexpectedly. I was only 21 years old at the time. It will be 4 years next Sunday, since he has passed. Anyway…this ring is beautiful and would represent a lot to me. The silver rings would represent my family, and the gold binding would represent my father’s spirit in the golden streets of Heaven. May God bless you all! And cheers to the lucky winner!

  536. Tiffany Torres says:
  537. Sarah Klocker says:

    My family is my rock! We stick together and wrap each other up with love!

  538. I love that both my boys have invisible friends!

  539. Angela Carl says:

    My husband & I have 6 kiddos (11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 2) & we are missionaries currently traveling around the US. Each day is definitely an adventure. :)

  540. It’s just me and my little guy and he is my world, 😀

  541. Stacie Dahlin says:

    Shared on Instagram :). I’m windyrunner.

  542. I miss my family like crazy!

  543. Tiffany Torres says:
  544. Tweeted!

  545. Danielle Palmer says:

    Love this!! My husband and I have a yours mine and ours with seven kids ages 16 to 1 :) Crazy but fun!

  546. Rachel Ciancio says:

    What a beautiful ring! My family of four LOVE hiking together! We can’t spend enough time outside together!

  547. Tiffany Torres says:

    Liked on instagram @torrestn

  548. Beautiful and big family of 9! My husband and I both had children when we met and decided we needed more. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  549. Stacie Dahlin says:

    Shared on Facebook!!

  550. Stacie Dahlin says:

    Tweeted!!! windyrunner

  551. This would represent the strength that my family has shown these past few months as our main guy (daddy) had to go thru open heart surgery.

  552. brittney patton says:

    My husband and I just became parents thirty days ago to two Littles. We’re learning how to become parents to these wonderful children and grow together as a family. I love that this ring represents that (at least to me it does) :)

  553. I love this!!!

  554. Jada Gailey says:

    We may not touch base everyday with each other but always seem to know when another members needs us.

  555. My family plays copious amounts of card games and trash talks the entire time! So so fun!

  556. Susan Fritz says:

    I LOVE when our kids and grandkids (13 in total) all get together!! We love to eat and have fun together. Last September we all spent a week together in a beach house in North Carolina!

  557. We are a family of 5…3 little boys. I think it’s funny when people ask us if we are going to try for a 4th (for a girl)! Our family is complete!

  558. Alissa Cooper says:

    My family is great! All of our names start with A, and we all have 2 a’s in our names and the children are in alphabetical order. We love it that way, but it does make simple jewelry that is specific to us hard to find… since I don’t really want a bracelet or ring with 6 A’s on it! LOL.

  559. we love to go to the movies together!!

  560. My family has a weekly Friday Family Fun night, where we do something fun- it varies form week to week what we do. Sometimes its pizza picnics in the living room while watching a rented movie, sometimes its heading to the local skating rink- just whatever we agree as a family to spend time together. :)

  561. shared on FB!!

  562. As a divorced mom of two we do what we can to make every day count with our kids. Never leave them without a hug and telling them you love them. Thanks for the chance!!

  563. Gorgeous! The fourth member of my little family just arrived, Wade is perfect! (and now I need to get a new charm to add to my Vintage Pearl necklace!)

  564. Alicia Roderick says:

    Our family/Daddy runs a livestock sale barn and feed store! And we love every bit of it! Gorgeous ring!

  565. Rachel Shaver says:

    We are blessed beyond measure… and we got a girl dog so I wouldn’t be all alone in a house full of boys :)

  566. Anytime our family gets together there is a lot of laughing. We love to laugh!

  567. I absolutely adore this! I am a mom of 4 boys…three here on earth and one in heaven…we are forever bound!

  568. We are a military family and love exploring all the different areas we have been stationed in, most recently Hawaii!! :)

  569. My poor husband has three girls to contend with, but he wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re rather ordinary. :)

  570. My family loves exercising together! We participate in races and try not to be too competitive against each other. 😉

  571. I love the concept of this ring. After six years of not getting pregnant again, last week, we found our we are expecting our third blessing come the end of October. We’re pretty excited, and the girls are praying very hard for a brother.

  572. For fun my family really just enjoy being super goofy together. We love going to Disney World as a family and just being together a lot. One of my favorite things to do with them is chase them around the house to tickle them, or hide on them & pop out! We also play “Moosey Hide & Go Seek” where I hide on our Chocolate Lab “Moose” & he finds me or my kiddos! It really is quite fun – and I want my girls to know playing is fun at all ages!

  573. We three in this house are musicians. My son has just started his musical journey, and it’s fun to teach him what we know. We also talk about dinosaurs, airplanes, insects, and space-all day, everyday.

  574. Laurel Williston says:

    My 4 kids think that we should have 12 kids and be just like the family in Cheaper by the Dozen!

  575. This is so pretty! Family is the greatest blessing!

  576. We are welcoming the 4th member of our family into the world in 12 days!

  577. We are expecting our first and just found out it’s a little girl. We are so excited!!!

  578. My girls (6, 4, 2) an I love to dance. Maybe our boy (6 weeks old) will join in on the fun when he is a bit older. I love this ring by the way!

  579. We are a family of 6. I’d love to see this ring stacked that high! And if the tie was a smidgen larger so you could imprint a heart or “love.” Ooh, what about our initial of our last name? R. It would be fabulous!
    I am looking forward to the weekend and a small relief of winter. The sun is shining and my hubs is on his way home! When the rest of the kiddos get home from school it’s time for a walk in the woods! Happy day!!

  580. Janice Foster says:

    Out family plays a game called “Gotcha”. If you sing a song and you can get it stuck in someone’s head and they start singing it absentmindedly, it’s a Gotcha. Points are based on whether they sing exactly what you sang, or if they sing a different part of the song. You get more points for that. If they sing a different song by the same artist, you get even more points.

    Example- You sing “Just a small town girl…” Sometime later, you bust them signing “Just a small town girl…” You get points. If they sing “Living in a lonely world” you get more points. If they sing another Journey song altogether, you get wen MORE points. Point value is up to you and usually changes daily. Increased time between hearing the song and singing gets more points. If you can get them to sing through texting or via email, it’s way more points. Phone conversation singing? SO MANY POINTS. If you get more than one person to sing,what points. If you can incite a loud family singalong… That’s huge points.

    We’ve played it for years and my teenagers love it. I hope this post starts a movement of singing families across the globe and wins me that beautiful ring because I’ve never won anything like that. However, I do win regularly at “Gotcha” because I’m the mom and we make up the rules.

    Thank you!

  581. Shared via Facebook

  582. I am marrying a single father of two & we are becoming a new united family of four. This ring represents so much.

  583. My family loves to be outside when it’s nice out.

  584. Shannon Becknell says:

    I have 1 1/2 year old twins and a 3 year old. My husband and I adore them and spend all of our free time playing and dancing with them!

  585. Shared on facebook!

  586. Nicole Dulany says:

    Tonight I bring my youngest child to high school orientation. As my babies grow into young adults and develop lives of their own, this ring would be a great reminder that they will always be my babies no matter how old or how far away they roam. The 4 of us are bound together, always. Love my sons and daughter!!!

  587. we are adding family member number five in approximately 8.5 weeks!!

  588. Love this ring!!! As a new empty nester.. It would be a visual reminder that those we love are only as far as our heart!

  589. We moved a year ago to a new city and we have found so much family oriented things to do here. We are always going on adventures to the zoo museums and parks! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  590. The most fun thing about my family: my kids. My two kids love each other more than I ever thought possible. There is nearly a 7 year age gap between my daughter and son and the relationship they have is truly a beautiful example of love and joy! (most of the time. 😉 )

  591. Ebonie H.W. says:

    I love that ring! Something fun about my family is that my sister and I are 16 months apart in age – so we’re very, very close. We also grew up Army kids, so we’ve lived in Germany, Hawaii and Oklahoma [but Oklahoma is home for us!].

  592. Ebonie H.W. says:

    Shared on Facebook [Ebonie Hill Williamson]. :)

  593. I shared on FB!

  594. Ebonie H.W. says:

    Tweet tweet! [https://twitter.com/ThunderCowgirl/status/436914180734464000]

  595. We have now stepped into a new season in our family’s lives. We have two out of three away from our home (one married, one graduating from college and another one graduating from high school). No matter where we are in our lives, we are always together in each others hearts and mind. The bands with the beautiful gold on it reminds me that we are more precious then silver and the gold a gleaming hope for the future.

  596. We love to cook with sourdough starter. Sourdough hotcakes made and devoured by all.

  597. Jenilee Kennedy says:

    Something fun about our family….We have 3 girls, ages 5, 3 and 1. They are best friends and we are blessed parents. They make each day fun!

  598. Annette Wannemacher says:

    My family and I are getting ready to move to Ohio after living in Broken Arrow for 10 years. My daughter is very nervous about the move she is only 11 and B.A. is home to her. I tell her as long as we have each other nothing else matters! Home is where your heart is and our hearts are together!

  599. Liked on FB

  600. Enjoy everyday moments! Slow down and be present in the life of your kids. They grow up fast!

  601. Following on Instagram. Fun!

  602. Our last name is Kiger which rhymes with Tiger. We are LSU Tiger fans, so it’s how we explain our last name. Kiger rhymes with Tiger:)

  603. Happily shared and commented on Facebook.

  604. I LOVE this ring!

    We are a crazy and artistic family.

  605. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    Our family loves to be neighborly. We don’t feel at *home* unless we know our neighbors well enough to ask just about anything of them!

  606. This might be my favorite piece yet!! I would have 4 rings for the four of us. My sweet family takes one weekend day all to ourselves to spend together… Hiking, biking, swimming. This bonding time is priceless.

  607. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    Tweeted this giveaway :)

  608. I adore this ring, we have a family of 7. My husband and myself and our 3 boys and two girls. I never thought I wanted to have children and now I can’t imagine not having them, what a blessing and a joy!

  609. I shared on facebook

  610. I’m the wife of a youth pastor and a stay at home mom of a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Since neither one of my kids are in school yet, I have to come up with creative ways to entertain my kiddos. You can often find us having dance parties in our pjs, eating lunch in a tent made of blankets draped over chairs and doing crazy crafts and experiments thanks to Pinterest. Best job in the world!

  611. I am actually planning on starting my own family now. I’m scared and nervous, but also excited. For now its just two of us, but soon it will be three! :)

  612. Our family is adopting a little girl from China, hopefully she will be home by next summer! I love love love this ring!!

  613. Shared on Fb.

  614. I have a family of 4 with 2 rough and tumble little boys. I live the craziness of the constant movement !

  615. Our family of 5 loves new adventures and experiencing life together. We love parks, museums, short trips, food and trying new things.

  616. Yesterday was the 4 year Anniversary of the passing of my mother, the 25th will be the 7 year for the passing of my father. I would like to get this ring with 4 bands, 1 for each of the children. I think I will order them for each of us as well. What a nice way to bind us together.

  617. Shared on Instagram.

  618. We are a loud and happy family of 5! I LOVE, love, love this ring!! :)

  619. Love my Vintage Pearl necklace and bracelet & would love to have the ring!

  620. As a family of three, I have been divorced over 20 years, in those years my son and daughter and I have been like the Three Musketeers. Through years of sports, school and life, the three of us have stayed close but independent. Both kids have moved away now and are in their 20’s but we call, visit and try to spend as much time together as possible with our busy lives!

  621. Christina Wood says:

    Love this ring! I come from a family of 5 and would love that each ring could represent one of us!

  622. Dawn Morris says:

    I have 3 little boys and we have recently found a love for camping, hiking, and all things nature. Being the only girl in the family, I still like to maintain my girliness without going over the top. I love that this ring represents family, but is not so girly that I would feel silly wearing it out in the woods!

  623. Beautiful ring! Newlywed Navy wife, we are just starting out away from both of our families! Distance doesn’t change things when you have love!

  624. our family spends as much time together as we can swing, which we love. we really do like each other. (P.S. This ring is totally awesome! So eclectic and unusual, yet amazing and fabulous.. Great job!)

  625. Sandra Sepulveda says:

    Our family of 5 is on the roller coaster of life and loving every minute of it! Beautiful ring. I love the name.

  626. Cat Roccaforte says:

    Oh, my! Blest be the tie that binds…
    What a treasure!

  627. Oh! I love this ring!

    Our family is a loving family of three – my husband, daughter, and myself. So thankful for family!

  628. i’m instagraming now!

  629. Lisa Clifton says:

    Raising my 2 boys was lots of fun but now we have a grandson and it is a blast ! Last thing we did was last weekend we all went to the zoo , stayed in a hotel and swam , then went home and played in the hay in the pasture :)))!!

  630. Cat Roccaforte says:

    Facebooked, too!!

  631. Shared on fb. :)

  632. I shared on Facebook!

  633. We have 3 girls and decided to home school them this year. What fun with a 14, 12 and 10 year old. It’s been a great year, and has brought us closer as a family.

  634. We love our little 6 pack. We are a blended family with 6 kiddos. I think my favorite time is around the dinner table taking turns sharing “highs” and “lows” of the day.

  635. Brianna Wescott says:

    I have 2 boys and they have brought me more joy than I could ever imagine! I know one day they will go on to make their own lives and journeys but will always be the biggest spots in my heart!!! This ring is so simple yet beautiful, just my style 😉 I’m asking for one for my birthday!!

  636. Our family raises chickens and loves it!

  637. I have five kids, so it would mean SO much to win this! If not, it is going on my mother’s day wish list 😉

  638. I just love, love, LOVE all of your products! Now yet another beautiful design :) My family consists of mostly friends rather than actual blood relatives. Either way, a simple reminder of those you love and love you back that you can hold close every moment of every day certainly would help the tough days seem a bit easier.

  639. We are a family of 4. My husband, myself, and our kids ages 7 and 2. I absolutely love this ring and what it stands for!

  640. Rebekah Swantek says:

    I have 3 beautiful daughters, age 10yrs, 2yrs, and 10 months, and we LOVE to have prebedtime pajama dance parties in the living room!

  641. The start of my husband and i’s family and life together began in the police academy!

  642. Brianna Wescott says:

    Tagged on facebook!

  643. Ashley Wyatt says:

    We are a blended family of 5. My sweet husband was my high school crush. He my children in as his own!

  644. christina burrell says:

    our family is in the process of adopting a little girl from the country of Moldova :-).

  645. We are having a fun snow day as we just got a foot of snow. That is our snow fun day :-)

  646. Mary Parker says:

    We have a big furry family – Bentley, Lexi, Barkley, and Odie – all awesome rescue kids!!

  647. We are a family of four, who love to have dance parties and cook together!

  648. We are the three musketeers. Not by choice but we embrace it. :-)

  649. I love this design, separate yet always linked, which is how we are now, with our young adult kiddos moving up and out. Something fun about our family…we’re an Army family, hubs recently retired and we settled in Oklahoma. We have traveled alot. For every move, for every road trip, for any car ride that is over 3 hours, we have to have Hot Tamales candy by the bag or box. Our trip just wouldn’t be complete.

  650. Love love the concept behind this! Beautiful!

  651. My husband was my first kiss at 15 and my last at 21. We had a dry spell for 6 years, but somehow ended up together. We now have been married for 14 years, and 4 angels later, we are so blessed!

  652. Denae Lawrence says:

    My blended family of my three step children (two girls ages 12 & 10 and a boy age 9), my 4 year old daughter, my handsome husband, our baby boy due in June and myself make for an eclectic group that shows that strong bonds of love are found in many different places, shapes and forms and that any obstacle can be overcome with love and God.

  653. MarthaC107 says:

    We have dinner at the table everyday. NO technology allowed at the table.

  654. our blood runs very orange – with a mix of Tennessee and Texas here on our little farm – love this ring and would love to add it to my TVP collection!

  655. Tiffani Nerone t says:

    Two years ago we brought our daughter into our lives now I have two sons and one daughter and my oldest son came up with the same party of five so he loves to say it every time we go out for restaurant, party of five!!!! what he doesn’t know is that’s mamas 90s favorite TV show . So now anytime I get anything to decorate or jewelry has to be in a set of five would love to have five on one of these rings beautiful!!!

  656. Lori Silver says:

    My family loves to vacation in Florida!

  657. The meaning of this ring is precious! We are a military family that moves around a lot, but as long as we are together we are happy. If you knew my in-laws you’d know they have passed down a special kind of crazy gene to my kids, never a dull moment. Love ’em to bits!

  658. My family is the Italian version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Big, loud, and always in each others’ business. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  659. My husband and I have 4 beautiful babies. We enjoy being together, and try to make the most of each day. We are very blessed and happy. =)

  660. Eryn Morgan says:

    My family is stuck in the house with a four foot snow drift at the bottom of our driveway! We have seen more fun days!!

  661. Love your products! We are a God-fearing family of Mom and Dad and 2 adorable kiddos…3 and 11 months. :)

  662. Something fun about my family….hmmm….well, I think all five of us know the words to “Ice, Ice Baby” by vanilla ice!! LOL that is actually kinda embarrassing to admit really. 😉

  663. Our family is expanding! Can’t wait to welcome our beautiful new bundle in the next couple months!

  664. We love getting together and teasing each other! We like to play games with the grand babies. They are wonderful entertainers! I love the ring.

  665. Stacia kennedy says:

    Love this ! Been looking for a mothers ring and this is perfect!!

  666. nicki jones says:

    Family of four – we love our family movie/game nights at home!

  667. Love, love, love this ring!!! Lots of fun stuff about my family…but for some reason the ring made me think of when I was pregnant with my third child (& first daughter). The song I sang the entire time I was pregnant was Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds. Had no idea that later we would nickname her Bird. And it’s a longer story how that came about, but so special to us!!! Love this ring so much!!

  668. Christina Sanchez says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  669. Christina Sanchez says:


    • Christina Sanchez says:

      Shared on Instagram! @christina_leigh_s (private)

    • Christina Sanchez says:

      We love riding our bikes around the base where we live! Our 7 year old daughter is getting so good at maneuvering in and out of anything she can and our 2 year old son loves sitting in his iBert and holding the handles of my bike. We always have a great time riding together.

  670. I love this ring! it would be perfect for my family of 5 :)

  671. Kimberly Miller says:

    Love this ring! We are participating in out first neighborhood Mardi Gras parade next weekend! Bicycles, wagons and 4wheelers will be decorated as floats! Beads will be thrown to all the neighbors! It’s going to be fun!!

  672. We have two teenage sons in the home. Enough said!!!

  673. Courtney talley says:

    Family of 5! 2 girls then my boys. He deals with a house full of bows, tutus & lots of pink!! Lots of fun here

  674. Heather B. says:

    Love this ring!

    We just moved into our first “forever” home this month and loving it so much!!

  675. Even though we aren’t a large family, we have craziness and laughter all around us, especially with a 13 months old that loves chewing on the fridge door handle!

  676. I have a wonderful husband and we have a compassionate son. The ring would represent us and the only thing that holds us together is GOD. Which is the vertical piece that holds all things together. Love your products!!!! =) blessings—-

  677. I am a momma to twin 9yr old girls- Sophia and Arianna, a 7 yr old girl- Ella, and a 5 yr old boy- Elijah! LOVE my crew!

  678. marla bennett says:

    my husband and i belong to our local vol fire company. He is a fireman and i am a reserve

  679. My sisters and I are scattered around. Two of us are Married one is in college and the youngest graduates next year. I’d love something to remind our mom how much we still love her.

  680. Beautiful ring! Our family in one big ball of LAUGHTER 24/7. We have our rough moments, but for the most part we are just happy go lucky. We try to enjoy SPRING and SUMMER seeing as the remainder of the year it happens to be COLD, Cold and more COLD!

  681. Karibeth Soto says:

    We have three kids and two Labradors. One of our favorite things we do each day is watch Jeopardy together. We have been doing this since the kids were little. They are 12, 14, and 16 now. It is a total competition now that they are older. No holds barred 😉 The kids love answering before us. And my daughter, 16, said Jeopardy helps her in school. She knows how to pronounce historic names, foreign words, and knows interesting facts to use in class because of growing up listening to Alex Trebeck. (She was the only kid in her AP history group that knew not to pronounce Chopin “choppin.”) I know it’s just a game show, but we really enjoy playing and watching it…. Of course, Mama knows all the answers! 😉

  682. Jessica martin says:

    My family has beach bonfires and cookouts at my grandparents… all the cousins and aunts and uncles come down and play games, roast marshmallows and have fun!

  683. Amber Nichole Torres says:

    I am a 30 yr old mother to two sets of twins…identical girls age 12 and a boy and girl age 3! Family is the absolute most important thing to me! My husband, children and I spend every weekend with my parents and sister and her family! That’s what we do for fun! I would absolutely LOVE to win this ring! :)

  684. meredith barnett says:

    We are a military family of 5 about to move to Germany for two years. ..

  685. Thea McCrossen says:

    I love this ring! I’d get 3 rings and use it to represent myself, and my mom and grandma who both passed away in the past 2 years. We were like the three amigos…always together and best friends.

  686. Karibeth Soto says:
  687. Samantha Wills says:

    We are an animal loving bunch! We are currently home to 5 cats, 2 dogs and a foster dog for the humane society. We love our snuggly crittered life! <3

  688. I LOVE this ring(s)!!! I am about to get remarried and my family of three will become a family of six. WE have been dating for about 4 years after being set up by a mutual friend. Being that we both came from bad marriages, we took things slow. After a while we introduced our kids into the mix. They have slowly become siblings to each other regardless if they are blood related or not. They help each other, play with each other, boss each other around, and sometimes annoy each other just like a real family! This ring definitely signifies togetherness and family & mine is about to get bigger & I can’t wait! We will be forever binded. I may also have to purchase 2 more for my daughter & soon-to-be-stepdaughter.

  689. Karibeth Soto says:

    Shared on Facebook. Karibeth Myers Soto :)

  690. I shared on livinlifemom@facebook.com (private)
    Thank you!

  691. My mom and my sister and I have always been a trio,and even though I’ve been away at college for the past four years I still call them almost every day. The three of us have been through the ringer a few times but we somehow keep each other intact

  692. Christina Fleming says:

    Love my family! We are blended family of 6 and life couldn’t be more fun!!

  693. We have two beautiful daughters and three good looking grandsons and in June will add a granddaughter.

  694. This ring is beautiful! Our current family of 4 is waiting for our 2 Ethiopian kiddos to come home, so I’d love to have 6 bands all tied together!

  695. Amber Hildebrand says:

    Love this!!! My husband and I just had our third daughter 2 weeks ago! Her older sisters adore her and are 3 and 1.5 yrs old. We love watching the big girls love on their newest sister.

  696. Amber Hildebrand says:

    Shared on instagram!

  697. Tina Eaton says:

    My definition of family is those you hold near and dear. I am divorced and have 3 children and my significant other is divorced with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. There is NEVER a dull moment at our house! “8 is never enough” is our motto!

  698. We are a military family, and we would love to add to our family when my husband returns from his 5th deployment!

  699. Sara Amuso says:

    My family consists of three little fish that were meant to be food for a crayfish that are now huge! A guinea pig named Pigpig, a cat named Kenzi and a dog named Mollie! I always say that I live in a petting zoo…everyone making their noises and looking for some snuggles! I love interesting rings and would LOVE to win your newest creation!

  700. Sarah Rader says:

    Our family likes to go to concerts together! Last summer we saw Said the Whale, Grouplove, and Bastille. Even the 2 year old loves it! The family that rocks together, stays together.

  701. Jennifer Ruiz says:

    My family of 4 likes to mix up family dinners at the table by having a picnic in the living room! So fun!

  702. We originally were a family of four, but now there are 2 more stockings that hang from our mantel at Christmas time. One is for our “Colombian daughter” who came to the States 13 years ago as our foreign exchange student. She is now married, so her stocking has her family’s name on it. The other extra stocking is our “adopt-a-collge kid”. (& his now wife) He was one of our youth that we loved & while he was at college his parents split & both moved out of state. My husband & I knew (since our Colombian girl had just got married), her room now belonged to Tink! We knew we were finished having children after our 2, but felt we would have more! Our hearts are now full & our family complete, since our youngest is now getting married too!

  703. Emily Annette Benson says:

    This is beautiful, I’d love to get it as a belated birthday present for my mom!

    Something interesting about my family is that my dad was my first relative to go to college (he was the first in his family and nobody on my mom’s side went to college) and now not only have both of my older brothers graduated college, but I’m currently in college and my sister is beginning to look at apply to colleges now.

  704. Malinda Clay says:

    My husband and I are just beginning to welcome grandchildren into the Clay circle. John Pearson, who was born in Nov, is still in the PCICU at Batson Children’s hospital in Jackson, MS. Our youngest son and his wife are preparing to give us granddaughter Mally Jane in March. With these two blessings my family would add to 7 not counting myself. I LOVE, ADORE this and would be so blessed to win. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

  705. Emily Annette Benson says:
  706. Kimberly Smith says:

    My husband and I have six children, 3 boys and 3 girls ranging in ages from 2 to 11. We’ve been through a lot over the past 5 years with my husband’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease, but we are all still together and stronger because of it. :)

  707. We love to travel! The husband and I went to Greece 4 years ago, before our daughter was born. We’re talking about going to Italy next year (with the Grandparents in tow :) !

  708. Traci Madison says:

    My husband and I have 4 children…mine, his and ours! There were some tough times, but we got through them. I am blessed to call them ALL my babies. <3

  709. Shared on Facebook!

  710. ElleBelleDoodle says:

    I love the five rings liked together just like the five members of my family. We are all adults now but will be forever linked by our family bond, just like your ring. :). I posted a similar comment on Instagram. This ring would look great with my VP sand dollar necklace that I wear all of the time!

  711. Charla Lane says:

    We are monster truck junkies! Love being a boy mom! :)

  712. We visit Destin every year. Last year we were there when the seaweed came in and I thought that our vacation was ruined. We had the most fun picking it up and shaking it. Little fish, sea slugs and crabs fell out and we collected them in buckets then released them back into the Gulf. This was so fun, we only want to go to Destin each year when the seaweed comes in!!

    I love this ring, it is like the rings on a tree that show your age. This one is rings per family member to show your love. Mine would have 4 rings. Thanks so much :)

  713. Darlene Summerville says:

    My husband and I met on Eharmony!

  714. Amanda Cox says:

    My family is getting ready to add our 5th band in May! We are waiting to be surprised with whether “baby bean” is a boy or girl. If you ask my 3 year old daughter she says its a sister for sure. My 2 year old son says its a boy. Someone is going to have one of those youtube moments when they find out they are wrong! :)

  715. I love how something so simple can mean so much! Our little family of 5 goes in 3 directions at once, but never too far from the family farm!

  716. JANET VAUGHN says:

    My family is changing and growing. Now that I have 2 grandsons, I realize what it’s all about!! I would LOVE to have this very special ring! Family ring – awesome!!

  717. My family is far from perfect but when we are all together they’re perfect to me!

  718. Shared on Instagram!

  719. Shared on Facebook!

  720. shared on Instagram too!

  721. We have a fun time together. Just booked a beach vacation in June for the 6 of us…Grandpa and Grandma, Son and Daughter-in-law and the 2 grandkids. Will be FUN!

  722. love your jewelry, I come from a very close knit family but i love my own little family of 3. Married 25 years with a daughter who is graduating college this year. Very proud mama – she is awesome

  723. We’ve just entered a new phase with our family- we are enjoying our first grandbaby!

  724. I am sharing on FB

  725. Jennifer O. says:

    My family loves to have dance parties in our family room where we sing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs!! What a gorgeous new ring!! Great giveaway! :)

  726. Love this ring and the symbolism. We are a busy family of six and I am grateful each day for my beautiful family.

  727. My family has always played board games. This has always been one of my fondest memories because of the contagious laughter and true enjoyment we find with each other.. Even though my father travels for work and my brother lives in NYC, we still manage to play board games on the 1 time a year we are all together. I look forward to it for a whole year.

  728. Beck Edens says:

    Love this- our family loves to spend time together outdoors so we are happy about this sunshine in Tulsa!

  729. Blended family of six!!

  730. Laura Isaacson says:

    What a beautiful ring! My kids are hilarious. They are always up to something ridiculous. We refer to our errands as “adventures” and they get super excited to go. We always look for something adventurous while we are out and have a fun time.

  731. I have 4 amazing step kiddos and then we have a little girl that just turned 3 on ValeNtine’s Day! She keeps us laughing and binds our family together. She has a little extra magic… She was born with Down syndrome and works very hard every day to stomp stereo types into the ground. Our family of 7 couldn’t be happier!

  732. amanda hedger says:

    We have four kiddos and haven’t found out the sex of any of them. Most people thought we were crazy to do that, but we sure thought it was fun. I was 3 for 4 guessing right :)

  733. Leslie Ireland says:

    Through thick and thin, my family captures my heart. We are bound together by blood, by love, by the highest power.

  734. Kathryn Rowley says:

    I have four boys, my eldest is serving in the Army & is currently in Cambodia. The holding & bonding of our family is important, particularly when one of our loved ones is seperated from us and is unable to communicate. This, would be an amazing addition to his dog tags that I wear. On days to remind me that he is providing for our freedom and to remain strong for his brothers until his return.

  735. Leslie Ireland says:

    LOL forgot it was supposed to be something fun! We love making up stories and laughing!

  736. My family has been through alot of tough things in the last 10 years, and I am so grateful that we can still laugh together.

  737. Virginia C~ says:

    I’m the youngest of four girls and my sisters have always been my closest friends.

  738. My husband and I are part of the [HUGE] statistic of people that met at work … and we’ve had 3 of the most beautiful kids since! Love, love, love this ring!

  739. My wife and I have two boys. One is 3 years old and the other is 5 months old. Not much making her feel womanly with all men in the house! Something like this would go a long way in helping her have that womanly feeling again. She does do much for our family, and this ring would represent the “tie that binds” this family together, which is her. She is the rock in our family, and me and the boys are truly blessed to have her as a wife and mommy.

  740. Curly hair!!!

  741. Mary C Turner says:

    When I saw this ring it made me think of my 4 wonderful children spread out all over the world, from Washington State to Sierra Leone West Africa. We are an eternal family and how grateful I am for that knowledge.

  742. Diana Cote says:

    our family is pretty laid back but fun. we love playing… whether its grown up playing (video games & sports) or sizing down to our daughters age and being 2 again. haha I love to make food for my daughter. :)

  743. Beautiful ring. My husband and I have 3 lovely kids that keep us very busy, buy happy to be in this phase of life.

  744. After every deployment we do a BIG family vacation… Works out to just about every other year!

  745. Our family embraces faith, love, and support of each other. We do hard things together.

  746. My family is bound by love. Each ring would represent my husband, myself, and my two children. The fifth would be the one to represent our Lord who keeps us on the right path. Even though my children are in collage and aren’t living at home anymore, we keep in touch and support each other’s endeavors. What is fun about us? We still play the “punch buggy” game even though we do not own a VW bug anymore. :)

  747. Kathy Kreger says:

    One of the things that makes our family special is that we are all about adoption! Our newest little one is from Ethiopia!

  748. New to the family thing, my boyfriend has two children ages 12 and 10. July of 2013 we told them they were going to have a baby brother or sister, and in December the 4 of us welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the mix!

  749. Kara Snider says:

    Our family likes to tickle!

  750. Shayne Hope says:

    So we were a happy family of 6. My four children and my sweet husband and I. When at 39, I realized we were not done. Our seventh masterpiece was yet to come. Although there were words exchanged between embarassed teens and frustrated mom, our family of 7 is complete and perfect for us. Ages 20-5, we are in it together!

  751. We are a house divided during these winter Olympics… mama and the oldest son are from Canada, papa and the youngest son are from the US. We love each other very much but are very competitive when it comes to our “teams” winning. Makes for good fun in our household. LOL

  752. Shayne Hope says:

    Our family of 6 grew to 7 later in life. What a blessed surprise. Ages 20-5!

  753. Kristi De Young says:

    I am expecting my third boy! I am definitely the woman of the house! We have a laugh-filled and happy house.

  754. Shayne Hope says:

    Having #5 at forty was a blessed surprise!

  755. Shared on facebook :)

  756. My family is crazy! And I love them all!!! :)

  757. Lisa McIvor says:

    Something fun about our family: we like to share birthdays!! My husband and I are born on the same day, and our twins share their day with my grandma. Our eldest was born on Bastille Day, so even she shares her birthday, albeit she shares with a country!

  758. Lisa McIvor says:

    Tweeted! @ThisTurtleRuns

  759. Something fun about our family, we love geocaching together.

  760. Jennifer Dixon says:

    I’m a mommy to 4 girls! Yup, my poor husband is outnumbered!

  761. Corrie Becker says:

    My family is awesome! My 3 y.o. Is a fighter and just overcame a life threatening illness and 6 weeks in the hospital from an e.coli infection. She endured so much and is back to her spunky self, taking care of her goofy little sister who’s always getting into trouble!