share a blessing testimonies

For a couple of years you (our faithful readers) have been helping us “share a blessing” with others that may be a little down on their luck and could use a pick me up around the holidays by nominating someone you know. We have the grueling job of reading through each one (hundreds of entries are sent- there are tears shed sometimes!) and choosing some to bless, and then we send them a piece from us anonymously. This past Christmas we were able to send out around 50 “share a blessings”.
We recently received a few sweet “share a blessing” testimonies that we wanted to share with you:
 photo sabtestimony14-2.jpg
* * * * *
 photo sabtestimony14-1-1.jpg
* * * * *
 photo sabtestimony14-3.jpg
We hope they touched your hearts like they touched ours,
thank you all for helping us bless others!


  1. susan leubner says:

    Thank you for putting your heart and soul into your work. Anyone that has a piece of your beautiful work will attest to the complete beauty, from packaging to the finish personal product. Thank you for making 50 women feel special this holiday season.

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