on the map. (wholesale collection)

Last week we were in Atlanta with our wholesale collection,
it’s so fun to watch it grow on our map!
This map is pre-Atlanta market,
I can’t wait to see it after we add the newest stores and boutiques!
 photo wsstudio4.jpg
Our wholesale team is busy busy busy right now filling Atlanta market orders…
 photo wsstudio1.jpg
This is one of our newest pieces we debuted in Atlanta,
“i love you more than there are stars in the sky”, so sweet…
 photo wsstudio2.jpg
Our wholesale collection is full of meaningful pieces that were inspired by love and faith…
 photo wsstudio3.jpg
If you’d like to see our wholesale collection sold near you
please have your favorite boutique contact us at info@tvpwholesale.com!

We have new pieces inspired by Valentine’s Day launching next week,
be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you are in the know!


  1. Wow, this is awesome! God has really blessed your business!

  2. Nikki Robinson says:

    Are there any in Philly? I swore I saw something very much like the vintage pearl.

  3. Jane Wilson says:

    Do you have any vendors in MS?

  4. I would love to know where your North Carolina and South Carolina collections are located so I can go shopping! 😉

  5. congratulations, Erin! what a huge accomplishment! and I love all the new designs :)

  6. Blessed is the one to give back!

    I love when a business gives back to the people, it shows appreciation and gratitude to the ones that keep them in business. God will bless you in abundance.

    Your work is absolutely beautiful – stunning to say the least. There was not a piece that I did not say awwwwwwww about – truly a gift you all have. thank you for sharing with all of us – a new admirer from Nova Scotia, Canada!

    “May you know you have been blessed & May you know he has kept you grounded”

    God Bless

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