my dream job, by Julie (plus a giveaway!)

Moms are amazing- this week we are celebrating motherhood with guest posts from some of my favorite Moms (real life friends as well as blog friends!) about being a Mom. At the end of each post we will giveaway the writer’s favorite tvp piece, so be sure to read each one to be inspired and then comment at the end to enter!


Today’s post is from Julie from the fabulous blog Joy’s Hope.
Julie is inspirational and I’ve loved following her sweet family over the years,
her blog is one of my daily reads.
Have a box of tissues handy the first time you read her story.

Here’s Julie:


For a season in my life I worked in the back office of a Neurology practice.

Not my dream job.  Not glamorous.  But it paid the bills, and I got to wear scrubs.

The doctors were a far cry from Dr. Mc Dreamy.  More like McGrouchy and McSuperweirdo.

Each day I did the same thing.  Make charts, pull charts, copy charts, fax charts, alphabetize charts, mail charts.

Like I said, far from glamorous.

You better believe I was the best darn chart puller/ maker/ copier/ faxer/ alphabetizer/ mailer/ the office ever did see.

Why?  Because it was my job.  Because my parents raised me with an incredible work ethic, to always try my best.  My best I did try.  The doctors hardly noticed.  The patients had no idea of what went on behind the giant filing cabinets.  But I knew.

They were counting on me to have the charts ready so their day could go smoother.  My diligence and consistency was a blessing to them.  I was placed in that office for a very specific reason.  Although to the outside, it wasn’t that important, without me, the office would be in chaos.

Without the charts ready for the day, patients couldn’t be seen.  If patients couldn’t be seen, the doctors could not take care of people in need.

So now, as a mother I try to think back on my time in the office.  To the endless charts.  The unnoticed hard work.  The value that I was to the practice.

I think of it as I fold the countless loads of laundry.  Change another diaper.  Sweep up the kitchen floor.  Fill another sippy cup.

I try to do my best.  Give them my best.  Even in the far from glamorous work.  The unnoticed work.  Because caring for them is my job.

If I worked diligently, happily, and faithfully, for strange doctors who paid me a pithy $7.50 an hour, how can I grumble and complain when I am in charge of raising wild, beautiful, phenomenal, complex, humans?

Small humans who happen to pay me in love, kisses, snuggles, laughter, drawings, and their whole hearts.

Taking care of them is my dream job.

My job is pretty rad.


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  1. I follow Julie’s blog, too—beautiful inside and out!

    • Donna Ahlberg says:

      My dream job is the one I am paid for in kisses, hugs, secrets, giggles, and mountains of love and appreciation. While I professionally work as a nurse…yes, my heart goes into it also, my most all consuming job is that of a mom. And I love it!

  2. Love her perspective…certainly a great mindset to have in any job, but definitely in the most important job. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the starfish! ! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Stefanie Ball says:

    What a beautiful family! Your story is inspiring to all other mothers out there making the non-glamourous life style work just for their family. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  6. love the starfish, thanks for the chance! :0

  7. Heather says:

    I know exactly how she feels, but I hadn’t been able to put it into words. Thank you!

  8. I needed this reminder this morning. Thank you!

  9. I love her blog and had found it last year while searching for desserts in a jar, only to find way more than a recipe. Her story is written beautifully and she has a way of blessing others through her words. Happy Mother’s Day weekend ladies!

  10. Rachel Sample says:

    Love your blog and the dream necklace :)

  11. Eugenie says:

    That’s a wonderful post on what being a mom involves.

  12. Melissa says:

    Love this necklace. Thanks for the reminder to give it our all. So grateful to be a mom.

  13. Brandi Rostad says:


  14. Eugenie says:
  15. Marian Hartzog says:

    Your job reflects motherhood. As I read this and looked at the fabulous photos, I could sense the same feelings towards being a mom that you mentioned when describing your job. It wasn’t as you imagined, but you knew you had to do your best for others to benefit. When we learn to put others first we learn to love completely and that is what God does with us everday! Thank you for being such a wonderful person not towards your job, but to your family. They are truly blessed. :)

    The piece you chose fits you, too!

  16. Eugenie says:
  17. emily c says:

    So cute!

  18. I feel the same way about my family, nothing or no one is more important!

  19. Great blog!!!! Love it!

  20. Carol F says:

    Thanks for sharing – going to have to check Julie out!

  21. Krista B says:

    I couldn’t agree with her more! Being a mother is truly the greatest job ever created! It’s rewarding in more ways than one and for those who believe that love conquers all it’s a prime example!

  22. Carol F says:

    Shared the post on FB!

  23. Courtney says:

    I love this piece and would love it to give as a gift to my friend :)

  24. Jamie wehr says:

    Very great way to remember to do everything God pots in your lap with diligence!!

  25. Lauren Staley says:

    Such a good reminder

  26. Jamie wehr says:

    Posted to fb.

  27. JennieS says:

    perfectly said! and i needed to hear it. thanks!

  28. Lovely!

  29. Marissa says:

    Finding beauty and joy in the mindane! Great perspective!

  30. Jamie wehr says:

    Shared on twitter.

  31. Love the necklace and the blog :)

  32. :)

  33. kathleen says:

    Julie rocks.

  34. stacey dean says:

    My most important job is a mom to 3 beautiful children. I’m a hygienist and I laugh when my daughter says she is gonna be a dance teacher so she does not have to.smell stinky breath all day …ha ha

  35. Beautiful story and a reminder that I really needed today. Thank you!

  36. I absolutely LOVE the VW pictures!! The necklace is beautiful and reminds me of Florida, where my husband and I were stationed when we first got married – 21 years ago.

  37. Brittany C says:

    This is one of my favorite pieces from TVP but weirdly I don’t have it yet! ha! Your one amazing woman Ms Julie! I hope you have a great Mothers Day!!!

  38. Shari Murphy says:

    Best job in the world

  39. Beautiful!

  40. Nicole T says:

    Great blog and giveaway.

  41. Renee Pattison says:

    Beautiful post and I love that necklace!!

  42. Maryrose says:

    What a pretty necklace!!! and I love the story! :)

  43. KYLENE LIPHART says:

    Thank you for sharing Julie’s story with us! What a wonderful perspective she has! She has the most wonderful job, as many do, motherhood. I love my job, motherhood, and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  44. Being a mom is the hardest, best job in the world. Dream job to say the least :) Loved the blog, love the outlook and it is wonderful that God chose us moms to guide and nurture these precious beings into adulthood and trusted we could do it this side of Heaven for Him :) !!

  45. Heather says:

    Such a true story for many women.

  46. I think sometimes we forget who are real priorities are, yes our children are, the dream job!

  47. Beautifully said :)

  48. I SO enjoyed Julie’s post! It’s absolutely heartwarming to see how Julie recognizes that she is not defined by her job, but that she is far more. I send heartfelt wishes for a very happy and memorable Mother’s Day.

  49. Heather says:

    I recently read a story about the builders of the great cathedrals in Europe in parallel to motherhood. They worked tirelessly and sacrificed something for what they believed to be their great calling, building a building where people could worship. Motherhood is the same…we work and work for a payoff we may never see, but it’s the belief that what we do has a reward far beyond our imagination.

  50. Tori delaney says:

    Hardest job and most rewarding all wrapped up in one!

  51. I love Julie’s blog too! I get so excited to see another post and those baby boy blue eyes! I love my TVP jewelry, how have I missed this necklace??? So cute!

  52. You said it Julie! Motherhood is the single most challenging ‘job’ I have ever had but it sure is the most rewarding. Beautiful message. Beautiful family. Happy Mother’s Day!

  53. Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s to THE dream job!

  54. I can relate – I had a similar job and was mostly unnappreciated but worked my butt off. It was so worth leaving that job to raise my children! I love the starfish necklace – something about stars….

  55. Tough job but so rewarding. Love my boys!!!

  56. I had that same job at an ENT’s office while I was in high school. Thanks for tying those two jobs together and putting it into perspective. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23

  57. Therese Hensley says:

    Wonderful story – gives us all something to think about daily

  58. Carol-Anne LaRose says:

    happy mothers day!

  59. Amber Mayfield says:

    Well first I have to say great pick of a necklace! If I win this it’s definitely going to my mom because she loves starfish. My parents travel to Key West every year & I know she’d love this!

    Second, I love what you said about our payment as moms being in hugs, cuddles, & kisses! Such an amazing way to look at it! I will remember that for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  60. Adrienne says:

    Amazing story but as an amateur photographer I have to say these are AMAZING photos!!! Thank you for sharing both!!

  61. Adrienne says:

    sharing on FB

  62. Angie Carlton says:

    What a way to put Motherhood into perspective, LOVE IT! As a teacher of children with special needs then coming home to mommy duties, I sure count my blessings because at any moment a mother’s life can change forever.

  63. Erin O. says:

    Love your blog! This necklace is beautiful!!

  64. kristen barr says:

    Love all these posts! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  65. Melissa Barnett says:

    i would love to win!

  66. thanks for the gentle reminder – I have the best job in the world staying home and serving my family – I know that the nappies, spills and nose wiping will not last forever. Now to think up some names for my tribe – Mc Sweetie, Mc Independant and Mc Drama Queen perhaps – lol

  67. Beautiful

  68. Holly Nelson says:

    I loved Julie’s story. As a working mom I always have to remember that what I do is important. How else could I rationalize spending that amount of time away from them :) I love her photos as well and am going to start following her blog.

  69. Kathy Kreger says:

    Blessed to be a Blessing! Thanks Julie!

  70. Katie Cluff says:

    Beautiful kiddos! Hope I win :)

  71. Celeste says:

    Julie is awesome! Love her + her blog!

  72. I completely agree! Motherhood is a rad job <3 My great grandmother raised me with a pretty good work ethic as well. I can't begin to compare myself to her though because she was one of the most selfless women I have known. Happy Mother's Day!

  73. The greatest of these is Love…thank you for sharing your mother’s heart…so full to overflowing with amazing Love!

  74. Maribel Reyes says:

    A very close friend also very wise once told me that the job of being a mother is very demanding, but also very gratifying in much more than currency. It is so true, as a mother we have the best dream job ever! We are blessed to see what unconditional love means and is.

    I love your family pictures too, very colorful and natural. :) Happy Mother’s Day

  75. jami macaluso says:

    Love the blog and the pictures, very classic & beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Chelsea says:

    LOVE her pictures! They are beautiful! Calling Motherhood her dream job and the way she talks about her previous job make me appreciate being a stay at home mom. Thanks for the amazing giveaways!

  77. Thank you for reminding me of why God lead me to do certain jobs. Your pictures are so cute; who is the photographer?

  78. Maribel Reyes says:

    Shared on Twitter

  79. Christy says:

    Happy mothers day!! Pretty necklace.

  80. Jill D. says:

    Beautiful photos!

  81. Love this! It’s true we just keep doing it because we love them!

  82. Judith S. says:

    Raising the next generation of Mothers, nothing is more important than that! Happy Mother’s Day

  83. Great story

  84. A great reminder!

  85. Natalie K says:

    Love the red van! And motherhood is a rad job!

  86. Heidi Hansford says:

    As I read your blog, about your offic job.. Oh, how many times I feel the same way. My parents raised me with good work ethic, and I strive to be the best I can be, often going unnoticed. When I come home after a long day of a work to our wonderful home, and a little boy running out to the car smiling and yelling “moooommmmy!” I know I am appreciated.. My presence is noticed.. And that all that matters.

  87. Great perspective~hard to have sometimes.

  88. Sara Wise says:

    I think this is so true whether you are a mom or “just” a housewife! Thanks!

  89. Very sweet reminder of why it is so great to be a mom! Happy day to you!

  90. Christy says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Truth! <3

  91. Pamela Mc Roy says:

    What beautiful words!!! I couldn’t have said it better. I was a kindergarten aide for 13 yrs and left this position to be a stay at home Nana and care for my 4 grandchildren. It seems like I enjoy them a little more than raising my own girls because I have realized it is the “grand” payback that they give me that makes it all worth wild. It’s true the older you are you seem to see things in a different light! Love the Starfish!!!

  92. What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing and having a giveaway!

  93. Being a mother is definitely my dream job!

  94. pam jones says:

    Tear..tear…. I wasblessed to be a stay at home mom for 7 years … then circumstances beyond my control I had to go back to work when my 2nd child was 2. I really needed to hear this. I work for an orthopedic & I say all the time this is NOT my dream job. I want to be home all the time again! I come home most days tired & even snappy at times. You made me realize that even though I may not be at my dream job from 8-5… I’m blessed to come home to the best kids ever & be theeir mom & this time will be over in a snap. I will try to cherish the hours I have with them. I pledge totry to be a better mom…. thank you!

  95. Inspiring and beautiful.

  96. Dawn Wagner says:

    What a beautiful take on the labours of love. Thank you! I really needed that reminder this morning. Thank you for the chance to win such a beautiful piece!!

  97. Carly Tripe says:

    Just lovely :-)

  98. crystal says:

    Love this. It is so true… Our kids are our greatest job! Love being a momma and am blessed God has allowed me to be!

  99. nicki jones says:

    Beautiful! Being a mom is awesome!

  100. Another beautiful post. Amazing what an easy concept it is to do our best and give things our all but so hard to implement at times. I’m going over to check out her blog now, I’ve never heard of it before.

    I retweeted your tweet about the giveaway.

  102. Lisa Souch says:

    I LOVE the starfish necklace – on my wish list! It definitely is the best job in the world…hardest, most tiring and exhausting job but the payment in hugs and kisses is better than money!

  103. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful photos! Amazing family.

  104. Wonderful perspective. Thanks for a beautiful post.

  105. It is funny what a good parent you are until you become a parent πŸ˜‰

  106. Amanda Bullerwell says:

    That is the truth. A mothers job is not noticed until its not been done:)
    Thanks for the good start to my day.

  107. Rebecca Green says:

    I really like that way of thinking of the *SMALL* things. They really aren’t that small then, are they? :)

  108. I am sorry I put my previous comment on the wrong post it makes no sense on this one πŸ˜‰ Sorry, what I meant to say here was, it is the most underpaid, under appreciated, frustrating but somehow most rewarding job ever <3

  109. Danielle says:

    I will now be following Julies blog! This short post really hit my heart! Such beautiful words and an amazing reminder for me!

  110. Great post!

  111. Victoria Parks says:

    Very well written! Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies out there! I love TVP!

  112. Vashti M says:

    So awesome <3 Thanks for this!

  113. Alicia Neufeld says:

    Happy Mother’s Day

  114. Crystal says:

    Pretty! Perfect for Summer sundresses! :)

  115. Crystal says:

    shared on twitter-!/CrystalGreene77/status/201321185114472448

  116. So true! The most important job in the world!

  117. Nicki shelton says:

    I love this! Your family is beautiful!

  118. Crystal says:

    shared on facebook-crystal marie

  119. love the photos! It is so true, being a Mom can “seem” like a thankless job of endless dishes, laundry, etc. but I love the Bible verse that says “women are preserved through the bearing of children” and the word “bearing” isn’t just a physical giving birth, in the greek it is every thing about being a mom and serving and loving her kids. I am preserved: made whole, by being the kind of Mom God wants me to be. A little bit different from the world view of a Mom. So on those days when the needs seem overwhelming I can cling to this verse knowing that God is changing me through being a mom. =0) love it!

  120. Jennifer says:

    Beautifully written….you have such a way with words! And your van rocks, too!

  121. I love the Starfish. I would love to give this to my mom as a gift to remind her of our beach vacation we took together last year! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  122. Thanks for the reminder why we do what we do.

  123. Shelly Foster says:

    Love TVP…love that necklace…love Julies blog ! But, what I love even more is raising my special needs son (such a blessing) and my 10 month old son . They are 20 years apart ! Love Gods sense of humor πŸ˜‰ !

  124. Motherhod is priceless!

  125. You have such a beautiful family! Thank you for summarizing a mom’s life.

  126. michelle says:

    So glad you get to do something you enjoy!

  127. Danielle K. says:

    What a beautiful family!

  128. I LOVE reading Julie’s blog and I am lovin’ this necklace! Thanks for the chance!
    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!
    daydreambelievershop (at) gmail (dot) com

  129. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! Thanks for the chance to win. You have a beautiful family!

  130. Lindsey says:

    Beautiful words, and a reminder for all of us moms that we need to appreciate the wonderful job that God has blessed us with! Thank you, Julie!

  131. Love the photos with the VW van! So cute!

  132. Shared on facebook.

  133. Urban Wife says:

    Thank you for sharing Julie’s story with us. I definitely needed my Kleenex. This starfish necklace is absolutely gorgeous and such a beautiful reminder of my home state, Florida.

  134. Dee Dee says:

    Love the writing, photos and the starfish! I can relate, as I work my super hard for doctors by day and little ones by night.

  135. Your story is precious and SO heart felt. I have a 13 month old and am a teacher. I have struggled this past year with the “should I stay homes.” I’ve never thought of myself as a stay-at-home Momma, but I see my child each afternoon and I have an overwhelming guilt of, “I’m not raising her!” I’m sure others have felt that way, and there may be other women right now trying to make a tough decision too, but I want you to know Julie, your words were meant for me today. An opportunity has come up where I can work from home, and it is like every single thing this past week has lead me to come home. My last reservation was the “Will I be appreciated?”, and I know that is selfish, but its real for me. You have helped me see today that I will be appreciated. I will be shown that love with little pats, sweet love, and smiles that will fill up the room with a pure joy that can only come from our God. Thank you Julie, Thank you!

    • I just noticed the “dream” on this particular necklace. I didn’t notice it before. Wether I win or not, the dreams I never knew I had until my dughter entered the world, are coming true…..

  136. What a great post! And, I love this necklace!

  137. What a fabulous article and what a great perspective as employee and then as a mother!

  138. Pauly P says:

    What a great perspective on life. Work ethic is something we don’t see too often anymore. I’m a teacher and it’s the hardest job in my opinion next to being a parent. But through life I share your passion to be the best of whatever God has challenged me to be.

  139. Such a great way of putting it! And I love the necklace as well!

  140. Patricia says:

    I was able to relate to Julie’s story, for I too, worked for years behind the scenes in a physician’s office. But as Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect not only on mothers here in our country, but mothers across the nation. Regardless of ethnicity or creed, the strong bond of motherhood runs deep, rooted in tradition and values, passed down from generation to generation. Mothers are the glue that holds most families together, making their children feel good about themselves. What a great gift they leave behind!

    Ezekiel 16:44 references a mother’s influence, “As is the mother, so is her daughter.” Motherhood. after all, is a unique gift from the hand of God!

  141. Tori Wright says:

    All moms are Special :) Love the Neckalace.

  142. Megan Beck says:

    What a neat piece! Happy Mother’s Day!

  143. Stacy Stevens says:

    Being a mom is really rad. I love that.

  144. Kris Brenneise says:

    Love this! Precious story!

  145. Karen W. says:

    Love the starfish for the summertime!

  146. Sarah S. says:

    Thanks for sharing with us, Julie!

  147. Pretty! What a great post :)

  148. Kathryn K. says:

    Amen, sister! Well said! So blessed to be able to stay home with my sweet baby boy. I do occasionally miss my first occupation of being a nurse, but wouldn’t trade those slobbery kisses, giggles, and sweet smiles for anything. Happy Mother’s Day.

  149. great reminder!

  150. Love her blog too! She has the cutest kids and her outfit choices for her kids rock!!

  151. Laura H says:

    Yes, sometimes the “meaningless” tasks taking away the true “meaning” that comes with being a mom – one of the highest honors!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  152. Being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done, but is it worth it? Oh yeah!

  153. Jennifer Geiger says:

    Julie, to hear your story is like hearing my story. I work for a local doctor, but unlike you I did not get to quit work when my children came along! I carry the health insurance for our family, so I must continue to work my thankless job. My husband is a severe diabetic so there is not a choice. But I do my best to wear my many hats, and I believe that my family appreciates that. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY:)

  154. Love!

  155. Beautiful necklace

  156. Great story and very cute pics!

  157. Laura D. says:

    Love this!!

  158. “my job is pretty rad” I love that! :)

  159. Gorgeous photos – such bright colours! You’ll treasure those.

  160. Your photos are spectacular! Love your perspective.

  161. what a great post!!! sooo inspiring, such a cute family and a super cool job!!!!!

    love the pretty necklace

  162. this is so great. in today’s society SAHM’s seem to need to say, “I am just stay at home with my kids!” What? That is the greatest most challenging job out there! I am raising the next generation…

  163. A beautiful message for all us Mom’s who continue to tirelessly love and care for our families. Cannot imagine not having my family for even a second. Loved her peice and the starfish necklace.

  164. Such a food reminder! Parenting-the hardest but best job ever!

  165. francheska says:

    I was just about to get uptight with my kids for not listening when I read this. Thanks for your perspective. It changed this heart from angry about a mess to grateful that I had mess makers. Happy Mother’s Day!

  166. Such a good reminder! Parenting-the hardest but best job ever!

  167. such a beautiful family!

  168. tracie w. says:

    Well written!!!

  169. Beautiful reminder for working moms too, that it’s our job to give our best not just in the workplace, but more importantly at home. Thanks Julie!

  170. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  171. Marin D says:

    This is so true. Love the necklace.

  172. Jonni Frazier says:

    I recently became a stay at home mom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  173. I am teary! Sometimes the lack of worldly appreciation gets to me, so it’s nice to be reminded of the importance of what I’m doing. Thanks, Julie! :)

  174. Chelsea Plumlee says:

    Love my jobs :)

  175. Carla G says:

    Great post! Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful necklace! :)

  176. whitney thompson says:

    oh so very true!!!

    love the starfish necklace!

  177. Well said. I will try to feel as much peace as I next fold those endless piles of laundry.

  178. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Great blog and giveaway!

  179. Motherhood. Best job in the world.

  180. Shared on fb.

  181. What a great post. Thank you for sharing. I love The Vintage Pearl and I of course love Julie’s blog. :)

    Thank you. :)

    The necklace is beautiful. :)

  182. Great post Julie. My husband is a family physician and having run his office on and off over the years, I can say he would have appreciated your hard work. Our last office was ‘paperless’ we had everything on computer. Talk about time saving!!

    Love the Star Fish!!

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Carrie Funk

  183. kimberly bollinger says:

    I love being a mom, and knowing that someone looks up to you and wants you to guide them is a scary thaught but you hope and pry that you teach them well. And give them the same love that your mother gives you so there fore it is a loving neverending cycle that is passed on and on. I love your product and I am in the process of desiding what I want as my first piece suggetions would be helpful thank you.

  184. Joy’s Hope is my fave :) and one of my daily blog reads and instagram follows too. The reward of motherhood is the best with snuggles, kisses, and the wonder and simplicity our little people bring. All I ever wanted to be is a mother. Been living the dream for 2 and a half years and loving every moment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. Jennifer A says:

    Aww…I would love to win!

  186. Jada Schiessl says:

    there are so many beautiful moms out there- it’s inspiring to hear the good associated with parenting.
    have a blessed mom’s day :)

  187. janelle says:

    I would love to win.

  188. So true! Thanks for sharing!

  189. Ally Lott says:

    Ah… what a great combination of the starfish and “dream.” Reminds me of being a child, and children are so great at following dreams.

  190. i think i could read anything you wrote julie. you make everything amazing. your kids are so lucky to have yoU!

  191. I love her perspective!

  192. Shared on Facebook!

  193. nosogirl says:

    I enjoyed reading Julie’s post. And I appreciate the giveaway!

  194. Such a nice post and beautiful photos.

  195. Melissa Kroeker says:

    Wow. What an incredible perspective. I really needed to hear this. Thank you!

  196. nosogirl says:
  197. Love it! I appreciate the words from this mom as I wish I could describe it so well too!

  198. Sarah E says:

    What a great blog.I have really enjoyed reading these posts this week.Happy Mother’s Day!

  199. Great perspective! Will remember next time I’m pairing socks πŸ˜‰

  200. I love this piece, is so perfect πŸ˜‰
    And I love the post about Motherhood

  201. I also have my dream job!!!

  202. VaNessa Crow says:

    Awesome blog. Sometimes it’s hard, but we moms do have a dream job! Love it!

  203. VaNessa Crow says:

    Also, FBd this, just to remind moms that they ate amazing and we should always be grateful! Yay for Mommies and Grandmommies and Aunties!!!

  204. Marybel Rodriguez says:

    Love it <3

  205. Great perspective. I love Julie’s blog!

  206. Emalee in ID says:

    I have absolutely loved these mom posts. They have strengthened me and reminded me that I am doing exactly what I hoped and dreamed I would do. Thank you for introducing me to Joy’s Hope and to Julie; I am better for it.

  207. Another fantastic mom post!

  208. Emalee in ID says:

    I shared this on facebook. :)

  209. So true! Motherhood is busy, constant, somewhat thankless but oh so important! And in the end awesome!
    My son graduates high school on the 31st, he is kind, responsible, and is headed to college in August …we are going to miss him but he is making us proud :)

  210. Beautiful post and so true! Love the pictures too!

  211. karin marie says:

    I love Julie’s blog, family & story. This was an awesome read so true! Deff helpful seeing as I have a sink full of dishes again but our job is deff the best job ever! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  212. Wow the starfish is pretty! But if I would to choose, I will pick the dream necklace and give it to my sister-in-law. It’s perfect for her!

  213. Christi says:

    Well said, so true. Thanks for sharing:)

  214. Jaimey Tripp says:

    Oh this is so true. Somedays it’s so hard not to have a pity party for yourself. We work so hard, and so many things go unnoticed. It’s truly amazing how fast your pity party can disappear when one of your little monsters runs up to hug your knees and says, “I yove you mama!” It is honestly worth it all. Thanks for the post Julie

  215. I needed to read this today. Thanks!

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  217. So spot on. Love being a mom! Thank you for posting :)

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    Such a good story!

  219. I shared this on facebook. Thank you! :)

  220. Amy Anderson says:

    I tweeted this giveaway!

  221. As someone who exited the workplace somewhat later in life to start a family, I struggle with expressing to others ‘what I do’. I’ve worked lots of jobs, but none compare to raising the little life I’ve been trusted with. Someday I will look back and be thankful I’ve had this time, and then it will be too late for ‘what if’s’ so I’m trying to live today in the ‘now’ and be all there.

  222. Amy Anderson says:

    I shared this on facebook!

  223. Love this perspective. Love her family. Love the necklace!
    Happy mother’s day!

  224. I’m so thankful to have been entrusted with these sweet & slightly crazy little people. What an honor.

  225. I love this outlook. So often I feel as though I deserve some sort of award for all of the “unglamorous” and “unnoticed” work that I do for my baby to keep a happy baby, and around the house to keep a happy husband. I want a to be thanked for every little thing that I do. But in reality, this is what I signed up for when I said “yes” to my husband’s proposal. I knew that I was in for a life of wife and mother duties. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I am building a family.

  226. Jennifer Woodrome says:

    What a nice reminder to all of us.

  227. Love this perspective!

  228. Beautiful

  229. Carol Foster says:

    I love these pictures and I love your take on motherhood. My Daddy used to say “do what’s right, do it because it’s right and then do it right.” Good lessons!

  230. Melody Godfrey says:

    Love it!!!! Thanks

  231. I love her blog! Beautiful photos!

  232. Best Job Ever! Love the starfish!

  233. Heidi Cosseboom says:

    Being a mom is pretty rad. Yes it’s long hours, lots of unnoticed work that goes on behind the scenes. But such a blessing to raise kids, and I’m thankful for that.

  234. crystal says:

    I loved your story. you are so right on. Even though my babies have fur and 4 legs they still depend on me to feed them, bathe them and love them. I love being a dog mom.

  235. Lovely post and giveaway!

  236. Marjorie Meeks says:

    So cute! great post :)

  237. Ahh love your thoughts on this Julie!

  238. I love her blog…she is wonderful with words. Our stories are very similar, we lost our only son at the very end of my ‘picture perfect’ pregnancy. The Lord has blessed us with five beautiful daughters and I am so very thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be a Mom!

  239. I blogged about this giveaway. :)

  240. Melissa S. says:

    What great perspective! I, too, find myself trying to please “stranger” bosses more than my family and my God. What a great reminder of what my perspective should be. Thanks!

  241. I can’t even express how much I love this post… and so I go on for my ‘audience of one’ :)

  242. Shared on FB

  243. Julie, I love your words. I’m a new mom of an 8 month old precious baby boy. I too was raised to have strong work ethic. It was an adjustment to me when I transitioned from the working world to a mom and I wasn’t rewarded with a raise, a shout out in the office e-mail, or a my favorite…a day off! Instead, I’m rewarded with smiles at 4am and giggles when my newly mopped floor gets food thrown about it. This new mommy job has far better rewards!!!

  244. I always love hearing what Julie has to say. That $7.50 puts it into perspective.

  245. i love julie, she’s my home girl. and i held maaaaaaaany jobs like that, but in banks and law offices. being a mom is BY FAR the best job i’ve ever had. it’s not very glamorous, but it’s the only job i’ve truly loved, loved, LOVED doing! happy mother’s day everyone!

  246. Your pictures are amazing and what an incredibly beautiful, happy family. Blessings to you! Thanks for the give-away chance!

  247. So true. A wise Mama once told me that my job is to plant the seeds. Growth takes a long time; to see fruit, even longer. Motherhood is an exercise in long-term patience.

  248. Angela Z says:

    I love your story & great pictures of your family. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  249. What a lovely thought…. Especially when today has been less than lovely in the motherhood job :)

  250. What inspirational words, to an aspiring mother like me. I put whole self into every job I have, even the most mundane. I know that raising children one day will be more worthwhile than any other work I’ve ever done. Julie’s words keep me reminded of all I have to look forward to. Thank you!

  251. breanne h says:

    Being a mom is a pretty great job. It is the hardest, funnest, most trying and most rewarding job in the whole world. :)

  252. candice says:

    I love Julie and her thoughts are perfect- as she so amazingly is :)

  253. lili bee lee says:

    Would love to have one of these.

  254. Jody Hardwick says:

    Beautifully stated, best job in the world! Beautiful family!

  255. I have loved each one of these stories.

  256. Michelle R. says:

    SUCH a great perspective on motherhood!! :)

  257. Michelle R. says:

    Shared on FB!

  258. I’m not a mom yet, but I am a teacher and for almost 7 1/2 hours a day I get to love on my students like a mom would. One day I hope to have the same dream job that Julie has and I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing and love the pictures!

  259. angel charm says:

    the time with the whole family, really those are the best moments of life that are never going to come back, i miss those days, busy with my job. everything has an important place in life, we should learn to value ourselves and others
    These necklaces are so beautiful, just perfect for Mother’s day gift

  260. Your words made me cry! So true. Our job as mommas is pretty rad!

  261. Stacey Cranmer says:

    Beautifully put.

  262. so very true! gave me a fresh attitude! thanks! i needed that!

  263. Stacey Cranmer says:

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  264. Aubrey van Stijn says:

    The most IMPORTANT job in the world!!!

  265. Denise Terry says:

    What a sweet post…a blessing to me today.

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  273. Sara Stinson says:

    Such a sweet story! Made me smile! Happy Mother’s Day! I love Starfish. There is an awesome story about a man tossing starfish into the ocean so they wont die and an old man asked him why he was doing it and if the young man knows that he wont save each one and the young man picked up a starfish and threw it into the ocean and told the old man that even if he can’t save every starfish at least it matters to the ones he did save. Good story about service and love for one another.

  274. katie in nz says:

    happy mother’s day, starfish x

  275. Sara Stinson says:

    I shared this giveaway on facebook!

  276. Wow! this is gorgeous!! I have just re-surrendered to this very conclusion for the 1 millioneth time this week! I am a mom and I want to be great, not good at it. I can be good about everything else that doesn’t matter!!

  277. such a good reminder to even a non-mom, to find joy and purpose in every day thing.
    also i read joy’s hope daily and can’t get enough.

  278. Beautiful family, Great story.
    Thank you for the chance to win, it would make my day.

  279. Kristen Stabler says:

    I would love to win this beautiful necklace! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

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  283. Leslie Appling says:

    Beautifully put! I am lucky enough to be be able to my dream job too. Not always glamorous, noticed or thanked, but being a mom is priceless :)

  284. Once I became a mother I knew what my purpose was …. your VP starfish choice reminds me of when we took our children to the ocean for the first time last summer… neat!

  285. Julie S. says:

    Motherhood–really is the best job ever!

  286. Rachel Henderson says:

    Sad but amazing story!

  287. Rachel Mitchell says:

    beautiful post & gorgeous necklace!

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  289. Well put! Hope we are raising our children with this work ethic as well.

  290. Love your family picture! Thanks for the giveaway!

  291. That is exactly how I feel about my job as a Mom…the most important job in the world.

  292. I could not have said this better myself. Heartfelt post and near and dear to my heart. I too worked in the office world for 9 years and none of it can hold a candle to the work I do in my own home raising my two beautiful girls.

  293. Mothers truly do wear so many hats….and most of the time what they do is not recognized – but it is ALL so important. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Love the necklace!

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  296. julie’s blog is one of my favorite reads! what a sweet write!

  297. Cute starfish necklace!

  298. Well said, Julie. This post is beautiful, and I am so thankful for finding your blog. Our little 16.5 month old boy died in his sleep of unknown causes last January. I lost my identify since I no longer had my son to hold and love. I was no longer a “mom” to the point that I couldn’t face Mother’s Day last year. But, fate stepped in and confirmed we were pregnant during that awful Mother’s Day weekend, and I gave birth to our miracle baby in January of this year. Another little boy. I truly know now that joy and grief can exist side-by-side in our hearts. There is JOY and hope that emerges from our darkest, most difficult experiences.

  299. Karianne says:

    Those are pearls of wisdom! Pearls are made in the ocean near the starfish :)

  300. Starfish love. Love love love.

  301. Shelly Goguen says:

    Thanks for your inspiring story Julie! You’re right – we give our best to the people we work for outside of the home – we should definitely give our best and then some to our precious little ones!!

  302. I follow her blog, too. I love it! She is a beautiful woman and mother, inside and out! Her blog always inspires me to look on the brighter side of life. :)

  303. Renee Meyers says:

    I am blessed to have the best job ever….raising my boys! great post

  304. Beautiful!

  305. Sara M. says:

    Thanks for sharing, Julie! A great reminder of how important my job is. BTW – I love the starfish necklace. :)

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  307. I love Julie! Thank you for the great giveaway! Happy MotherΒ΄s Day!

  308. Beautifully put! Thank you for the reminder and perspective.

  309. Mandy Kirk says:

    I also follow Julie’s blog and cannot believe how beautiful her children are. I am so glad she now has a boy as well!

  310. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading Julie’s posts before! I am officially addicted and will continue to read them! Such a good reminder, especially on the eve of the day we celebrate the best job on earth! I surely love my wild ones and would trade the unnoticed for all that they give back to me!

  311. Wonderful post! I am right there with ya! Love the necklace too! :-)

  312. April B says:

    Love Julie’s blog. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost peed my pants reading her stories. Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  313. This is a good reminder – whatever your role, be the best you can and give all you can. Thank you!

  314. Being a mom is the best!! I am so thankful to be able to be home after working for so many years!

  315. Jamie D says:

    Thanks for the beautiful post. How often do I do my best for someone else, but fall short with my own family. Cute kiddos!

  316. Thanks for sharing this note and for the reminder. The reward we get as parents is truly priceless!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE AMAZING MOMS OUT THERE!!!

  317. Julie, I just cried while reading your blog entry. Your family is beautiful.

    I’m a SAHM to my 9.5 month old son. Before I had my son, I worked full time & I gave my job everything I had. I was rewarded every 2 weeks with a paycheck, praises from my bossess, & the satisfaction of knowing that I gave it my all. I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like I don’t contribute anymore. As a society, we place so much emphasis and self worth based on what we do for a living. When I say I’m a SAHM, I’m met with raised eyebrows like it’s not a real job. I think people assume I sit on the couch all day and watch soaps. :) Sometimes being a SAHM is lonely & monotonous but it’s worth every tear, every load of diaper laundry, every runny nose, & every piece of graham cracker smushed into my carpet just to see the joy in my son’s face when we play together or when he’s learning something new. I’m so blessed that I can spend this time with him because childhood is so fleeting & I want to remember every single second, even if he won’t.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  318. what a beautiful family . . . and such a wonderful reminder of our awesome task

  319. carmen m. says:

    may all of you jewelry makers/bloggers/sisters in the Lord be blessed this mother’s day.

  320. Janineg says:

    cute necklace!

  321. Michelle C says:

    Beautifully written post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on motherhood.

  322. Thank you for the perspective! Love the starfish!

  323. Melissa says:

    I love both these blogs… never fails to make me think! I love your description of motherhood…

  324. Angela P says:

    That’s me. Right now. The first part.
    And yes. It is great life training.
    Amazing in fact.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  325. Kristin says:

    I’m living my dream job as a stay at home mommy. Best job I’ve ever had. Absolutely.

  326. I would like to win this necklace for my wife.

  327. What a great reminder. Thanks!

  328. Michelle says:

    Wow Erin, you have such good friends, I’ve been loving all these stories! Thanks for hosting~

  329. michelle myers says:

    LOVE Julie’s blog & her necklace pick!

  330. jessica says:

    My daughter collects shells. She would love this necklace!

  331. I needed to read this as I too work day after day for people who don’t seem to appreciate me. Thank you for the reminder to do my best even when it feels like no one notices.

    I love the starfish necklace! It reminds me of my honeymoon!

  332. Kathleen says:

    Well said. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  333. Not only have I followed Julie’s blog for quite some time but I also got to meet her sweet self(& baby Shane) back in September. She is instantly warm and friendly and though she has walked the road of sorrow, the Lord is using her(& her blog) to bring sunshine to those who know and follow along with her in her journey.
    Thanks for featuring her today:)

  334. Melinda says:

    Beautiful perspective!

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    Beautiful family, Beautiful Blog! Thank you for sharing. Love the starfish!

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    Thank you for sharing the story. Raising our kids is the best and hardest unpaid work ever! Happy Mother’s Day!

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    So sweet…I can’t wait to check out her blog.

  339. Dawn Thomas says:

    What a great reminder of what is the most important job that we have been given by God.

  340. Addibrae says:
  341. Addibrae says:
  342. Addibrae says:
  343. I love Julie’s story, exactly the reminder I needed today – thank you!

  344. Teresa C says:

    I love the vintage style family photos!

  345. I would love to win the giveaway for a gift for my wife!

  346. Traci Triplett says:

    My mother has lived with me 2 yrs now, built an edition to my house for her after my step dad passed away…which was same day my husband had his second stroke! Instead of heading to funeral..we were headed to ER. Would not choose either one… I graduated nursing school in 1985,caring for people is what I do best, I took care of my father in law until he passed here at home with us…would not give anything for that time we all had with him. I guess what I am trying to point out is that Family is what counts to me,and through all the hard times,there are way more good times .I thank the Lord daily for all my blessings,and my sweet Mother for teaching me to be the person I am….I love you Mama

  347. Love Julie, one of my daily reads. Happy Mothers Day!

  348. love her blog too!!

  349. Beautiful post!! And this starfish necklace is one of my favorites!

  350. Definitely “Dream Job”!!!

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  352. Lovely family, lovely post, lovely necklace! <3 Happy Mother's Day!

  353. becca aland says:

    Best job in the world!!!!

  354. So true! A great analogy on the job of being a mom….many “thankless” moments that are all worth it in the big picture! :-)

  355. I love my job as a mom. I’ve had some good jobs in the past but this is by far the best. A strong work ethic with a side of humor is essential and hugs and kisses equal more than six figures:)
    Happy mothers day to all the mommas out there!

  356. That is just what I needed to read today. Thank you. x

  357. Thank you for sharing! πŸ˜€

  358. You’re right!! So hard to remember this sometimes though when we are drenched in spit up, surrounded by mountains of laundry and toys! :)

  359. nancy l. says:

    I knew from the time I was little that when I grew up, my ‘dream job’ was to be a mom. It didn’t come easy and it took longer than I thought it would, but here I am, living my dream!! I can’t imagine doing anything better with my life. This necklace is soooo sweet – I LOVE IT!!

  360. If I were to win, I’d have it sent to Christian’s mom.
    Did anyone else see this on yahoo? Truly an amazing mom!–abc-news-parenting.html

  361. Julie’s blog is full of hope , real life and love! Great post vintage pearl!!

  362. Amen sister. It really is a dream job. A job I prayed to have for 7 years…and was blessed to get. Thanks for a fresh perspective today. And happy mother’s day.

  363. Leigh Ann R. says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

  364. Rhiann Starkey says:

    Being a Mommy is the best job I have ever had and really warmed my heart and soul when my 4 year old, Sophia tells me that she can’t wait to be a Mommy like me!

  365. I gave up what I thought was my dream job to be a mommy. It is harder than any job I have ever had, and I struggle sometimes. But, it is awesome. Motherhood is awesome.

  366. What a great reminder!

  367. suzanne mckay says:

    beautiful post; a favorite blog of mine as well. Julie does a tremendous job finding joy and beauty in the mundane moments of mothering. i love this.

  368. Motherhood was not my dream job, I didn’t even want kids for the longest time. Oh how that changed when my doe eyed beautiful girl entered the world! She truly made me a less selfish person and I love seeing everything she does and reporting it to my husband while I’m “on the job!”

  369. Jennifer Herring says:

    Being a mother is a true dream come true. We struggled with infertility and then miscarriages for years. We were blessed with our precious little boy 14 years after we were married. He is 3 and 1/2 years old and we cherish every breath with him. We knew being a parent would be a wonderful experience but we never knew how rewarding it would be. I thank God everyday for this blessing that calls me “mom”.

  370. Lindsay says:

    Great post..I love Julie’s blog…I read it everyday…and I love vintage pearl! :)

  371. Your children are lucky to have you! You are inspiring and your children are beautiful and I am dutifully and most humbly impressed. Blessed Be. :)

  372. The starfish represents hope…

    Throw me back in the water it says and I will return to you a wish…

    LOVE STAR fish

  373. Wonderful pictures and post! Love VP!

  374. Love this! Love the necklace.

  375. Linda R says:

    Nicely said! Happy Mother’s Day to All!

  376. Your post convicted me. In a BIG way. Thank you, sister.

  377. My dream job is somehow managing multi-tasking between being a wife, mother, photographer crafter and friend and feeling like I’m doing a pretty good job at all of them. Sure sometimes I’m better at one or two of them, other days I’m a rock star and manage to do well at everything! But I would change anything about my crazy life!

  378. BellaandRoccos Mama says:

    Working to be a great mom to my kids is exactly why I took the next year off from my “other” job. Will bring lots of changes for us but completely worth every moment.

  379. Krystal hudspith says:

    Love you perspective on motherhood and the necklace

  380. Janelle Sherod says:

    I love Julie’s blog! This is a great reminder to be thankful even in the thankless jobs.

  381. Kristin d. says:

    Love it.

  382. Michelle Lynch says:

    This was made for my amazing daughter!, i love her so much!

  383. Michelle Lynch says:


  384. Very well said. So thankful to have the best job in the whole world.

  385. I love Julie! She just knows…you know…

  386. I look forward to read Joy’s Hope daily now. I’ve come to appreciate my life my children so much more. As they are getting older now I have caught myself twice now say “when the boys were little” and it saddens me to think that they are getting bigger now as my daughter is now in the US Army I want my boys to stay little but I have come to realize that I am doing my job as a Mom, their mom and I wouldn’t chance a single thing. (Ok maybe slow down time allot!) Love the blog, the inspiration. Everything about it. Thanks for sharing.

  387. Toni Shumaker says:

    Julie doesn’t know me, but in my head we are friends. Buds. I’d like to think if I lived nearby we would be. I’m an event coordinator/party planner, so we would have mad fun!! :) I just discovered her blog about 8 months ago, just 1 month after my first baby, Lucy Rose, was born! I follow her on Instagram and always perk up when she posts pics of her lil’ Lu!!

    Loved this post. What a timely reminder for all of us moms to be all that we can be…. All that our super rad Jesus wants us to be, enables us to be! We can do it ladies… Totally!

  388. Julie, I discovered your blog tonight working midnights at a local hospital emergency center on the Eve of Mother’s Day; I can totally relate to your story!! πŸ˜€ I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day!

  389. LOVE julie!!!! happy mothers say to all!!!!

  390. What a wonderful blog. Mother’s DO go unnoticed for so many years. I know I am ashamed I treated my mom when I was a teenager. It is so nice to be out of that stage and fully appreciate what mothers do every day for their children.

    I adore star fish – I think it is one of the prettiest shapes – and would love that necklace.

    Thanks so much!

  391. thank you so much for giving me a new perspective on motherhood! Sometimes I can feel sorry for myself as I clean up the kitchen floor for the fourth time in a day….but now I will think of your words!
    Have a happy Mother’s day!!!

  392. Well said! Being a mama is the best and the hugs prove it!

  393. I love reading Julie’s blog – she keeps it real!

  394. Beautiful take on motherhood. Love the starfish necklace. Happy Mother’s Day!

  395. Being a mom for 34 yrs and now a grandma….it’s all worth it!!!!!!

  396. A great reminder, and great perspective. I love my job. More fulfilling than being a Project Manager with a million dollar budget for sure!

  397. BriBedell says:

    Love this so so much :) Julie always knows how to put it!!

  398. Might be too late for the giveaway but wanted to say thank you for the great reminder! I needed to hear this today.

  399. I loved reading that! I’d have to add that part of the “pay” I get is getting to listen to my wildly talented middle child (she’s 15 yo) play her guitar and sing. I’m a lucky mom!

  400. This was a convicting post. My best. I don’t always do my best. Sigh.

  401. Meredith W. says:

    Love Julie and her blog. She never disappoints.

  402. Marla Rae says:

    I have been “following” Julie’s sweet family and their life for awhile now and I can tell you she is one awesome mom, wife, person…although “following”sounds like I am stalker…I am not…I am a mom/wife/grandma and reading about Julie’s sweet littles brings me back to the day when my girls were little and I just had to look down the hallway or across he table to see them.. now they are grown and are my best friends. My oldest is married with the perfectest little 2 1/2 year old boy who calls me MaMa with love in his eyes and in his heart…he is going to be a big brother to my first grand baby girl in August. oh my. my heart is full to overflowing. today, on Mother’s day, my “baby” lives 11 hours away and I won’t see her lovely face in person but I can feel her thinking about me and how important our daily conversations are. kaley…some day in the future things will work out and your love will be by your side too. Have a glorious day, the payment for being a mom is impossible to measure. God bless you Julie.

  403. great story! it’s a delicate balance for sure! happy mothers day!

  404. I loved reading all of these stories…it just goes to show how much work, love, hopes, and dreams “moms” do for their kids and their families!

  405. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  406. Marcia Rocha says:

    Love the necklace!

  407. Thank you for such sweet words, and for reminding me that we DO have the best job in the world and the most rewarding!!!

  408. Love Julie, love being a mom, and love pearls. Guess I better take a look in your shop. :)

  409. I also follow Joy’s Hope =) What Julie has written here is sooo inspiring!!! Thanks Julie for such a lovely mother’s day “gift”, I don’t know if motherhood was my dream job before I was one, but every day it becomes it more and more! =)

  410. Lovely post – a lot of truth in there.

  411. And you are doing a fabulous job at it! : ) Love your blog and your adorable family. You are an inspiration!

  412. Nikki hatfield wilson says:

    All true.

  413. Tammy Gilliam says:

    What a beautiful reminder of we are exactly where we need to be in His plan. As I go fold another load of laundry now, I do it with refreshed eyes and heart. Thanks for the nudge to remember how lucky we are.

  414. Nikki hatfield wilson says:

    Shared on facebook.

  415. Nikki hatfield wilson says:

    Twitter share Nikkirwilson.

  416. Love this!

  417. I have two wonderful and loving children-I love them dearly. But my love for my three grandchildren is the ultimate love. My love for them is like no other love i have ever had. Holding them, kissing them and loving them is beyond wonderful. You’ll understand when you hold your very first grand baby. HAPPY MOTHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS DAY!!!!

  418. I would love to win!

  419. Oh so true! Best job ever…thanks for the perspective.

  420. Cheri Howard says:

    Great post! Just thanking God today for allowing me to be a mom of 6 wonderful kids. What a blessing they are to me and what a great way to look at it as we are doing all those clothes and dishes. Why wouldn’t I serve these beautiful people who are my dream job!

  421. Best job in the world!!

  422. amazing post!

  423. I LOVE it!! Being a mom is the best thing that has happened to me! It is amazing how it changes you. Your everything. I am a pediatric nurse— which having children has also changed ten-fold, and I know that is important, but I hate being away from my babies. They are only little once… and all of those over-used things that people say… ie… they grow up too fast, you blink and it’s gone, etc. are all too true!!

  424. Great perspective!! And beautiful pictures!

  425. Love Julie’s blog! It’s one of my daily reads as well :)

    I needed these words today! Thank you for sharing Julie!

  426. love your photos!

  427. Beautiful story of Julie and her family

  428. Nancy Smith says:

    Shared on fb!

  429. What a beautiful family! I love the necklace. Thanks!

  430. LOVE. happy mothers day!

  431. It was so great to read about someone who puts their all into their children. We all could learn to be better in everything we do, no matter what it is.

  432. Tiffany says:

    Love Joy’s Hope! : ) She has a beautiful fam and that little boy is edible!

  433. I love to DREAM…..and I try to give 100% each day…..thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  434. Pam Rudder says:

    What a beautiful outlook!!! Keep it up….I hope it is infectious!!! Love the necklace too

  435. great post!
    happy mother’s day and congrats on the opening of the new store!

  436. Melissa N. says:

    It is the best job ever! Great post.

  437. is it too late to enter? hope not. love the vintage pearl. love my layered mother of pearl necklace. love some julie carson. :)

  438. Love this. She’s one of my favs.

  439. Jessica O'Connell says:

    Loved this post…such a good reminder to be blessed in our most important job!!

  440. Cindy Singer says:

    Thanks for the reminder of how important being a mama really is!

  441. I love Julie and her blog. The starfish is gorgeous.

  442. what a beautiful post. :)

  443. julie h says:

    so sweet! :) beautiful girls!

  444. Suzanne says:

    Tearing up again, and inspired. Thanks for sharing your perspective and gifts with us Julie -you give the best reminders!

  445. Vanessa says:

    I work in the pediatric ICU at the children’s hospital in fort worth…i, too, do clerical work, all day, and as mundane and tedious as the tasks may be, i take so much pride in contributing to the greater good, which is patient care.

    i follow joy’s hope, and was surprised her “i’m here today” link took me to tvp, where i’m already a customer! love both blogs, and love tvp’s products.

    thank you for the opportunity to win something, but more importantly, for your perspective. working here has helped me be a better mother, and a more grateful person, because i see the most dire situations 5 days a week. i’m glad to know i’m not the only one who takes these lessons home and applies them to her family.

    thanks again!

  446. Brittany says:

    Thank you for the reminder…sometimes I can forget what a blessing mothering can be when you’re caught in the moment of a temper tantrum or sleepless night (after night, after night…). Thank you.

  447. I love the starfish necklace.

  448. Christy says:

    How awesome! I must save this to re read on tough days. Julie is so inspiring.

  449. alycia j. says:

    Yeah! I love being a mom…… It is my dream job!!! and I feel glamous when my children flling themselves at me with wild abandon!

  450. Subscribed!

  451. Good article. You made some good points.


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